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Tech staff recruitment
Executive Search

Senior Flutter Developer in 2 weeks

Data Engineer for Semrush

CTO for a blockchain project in one month

iOS Team Lead
for an international digital bank

Blockchain Developer
for an American company in just 2 weeks

Two IOS and two Android Developers in 14 days

Three Quality Assurance Testers for an IT company in one month

Senior C++ Developer for a startup

Three Ruby Developers
for an IT company in a short time

Python Developer
for a British startup in three weeks

Machine Learning Team Lead for an IT company

Rare ASO specialist for a Startup,
if you have a large stop-list of candidates?

Full Stack Node.js Developer for a startup in two weeks

Three Java Developers or why it's beneficial to offer remote work?

Three Rust Developers
for IT company

How to recruit
Frontend Developer?

Frontend Developer
on part-time in just
2 weeks

Senior Product Designer
for a British startup in just three weeks

Senior Golang Developer for a startup in Three Weeks?

Senior Golang Developer from South Korea for a British startup

DevOps Evangelist
in 3 weeks

Two Senior .NET Developers
for an American startup in 3 weeks

Mid-Level .NET Developers
for a startup

Middle Business Analyst
for a German IT startup in 21 days

HR analytics for an IT company within three days

Relocation: research for an international tech company