How did we find a frontend developer for an American company on part-time
in just 2 weeks?

Lead IT Recruiter
Maria reiimbaeva
We have already written earlier that due to current world events, the IT market is undergoing certain changes. One of the interesting trends that have been noticeable recently is the fact that the number of job openings offering part-time employment has now increased, and if earlier IT specialists were reluctant to consider part-time positions, today circumstances have changed.

In particular, our lead IT recruiter Maria Reiimbaeva managed to find a middle+ frontend developer for an American company for part-time in just 2 weeks — that's how much it took from discussing the position with the client to the specialist's onboarding. If you are interested in how we did it, read our case below.

Task and its difficulties

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Recently, an American company which has developed a service that works with the e-commerce segment and checks security orders, contacted us. The team needed an experienced frontend developer who could help with solving a number of important tasks.
Despite the fact that this profession is not the rarest in the IT market, there were a number of points that narrowed the circle of potential candidates:
A specialist was required for part-time (20 hours a week)
Until recently, positions involving part-time employment were not very popular among candidates;
Strong English skills were required
Due to the fact that the company was located in the USA and all work processes were conducted in English, a high level of language proficiency was important to the employer — not lower than B2;
An employee with experience was needed
In whose professional background there was cooperation with large companies.
How we've filled the job opening
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Despite certain features of the position, the client offered market conditions: remote work with a flexible schedule, salary in dollars, the opportunity to gain experience in an international team developing a useful high-tech product. Therefore, after assessing the situation and realizing that the mission is possible, despite difficult times, we started our search :)

When searching, we mainly used our own Lucky Hunter database: over the years we have managed to collect a high-quality database of strong specialists of various IT profiles.
So it was in our database that we managed to find those candidates, three of whom passed the final selection stage, and the client made a job offer to one of them.
The candidate we found was a middle+ level specialist, but had impressive experience working with large well-known companies. It is noteworthy that he did not plan to change his current place of work, because everything satisfied him: therefore, part-time turned out to be an excellent option, allowing him to combine activities in a new project with the permanent employment of a specialist.
In this case, flexible hours and part-time employment played a vital role — usually candidates with such skills and background can be difficult to headhunt for full time.
The candidate liked the company itself and the tasks that were supposed to be solved within this position — he was motivated by the prospect of gaining new experience and professional development

Filling a vacancy: Pivot

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In total, we processed over 27 CVs of specialists, sent 23 letters and conducted interviews with 3 candidates, to one of which the customer made an offer.
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success factors
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The customer was maximally involved in the selection process, promptly gave feedback on the candidates' CVs and listened to our recommendations: in order for candidates to move faster through the funnel, the client refused a large number of stages and left only a technical interview with the CTO;
A competent motivation strategy
Our recruiter Maria built an effective motivation strategy, focusing on the points that were important to the candidate: new interesting tasks, the possibility of gaining work experience in an international project and, importantly, combining this with current employment. Despite the fact that the specialist was not actively looking for a job, the position and conditions interested him, and he agreed to take part into selection;
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We correctly identified the profile of the required candidate, formed a competent search strategy and successfully presented the vacancy — this allowed us to fill the vacancy with suggesting our client a highly-qualified specialist.
Do you need IT specialists for part-time? Lucky Hunter recruiters will promptly close any IT positions, including the ones with part-time employment, and, if necessary, will help to relocate candidates to your foreign office.
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