Relocation of IT specialists

Helping you decide on relocation packages, choose the right country to open a new office, understand how you can relocate your employees
Many companies are now opening offices in other countries or expanding their team. We are very happy to help talented specialists move abroad, and to find promising employees for IT companies and startups.

Finding a specialist who meets the key requirements for a specific position and is ready to relocate is not always an easy task for a number of reasons, therefore, in order to make your hiring faster and more efficient, we offer a relocation service.

But also, if necessary, our team will conduct a relocation consultation for your company — this will help you:

We will not just find a highly qualified employee in a short time

decide on relocation packages;
choose the right country to open a new office;
understand how you can relocate your employees and what important points you need to pay special attention to.
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The qualitative database
of talented candidates
of different IT professions interested
in relocation;
High expertise and knowledge of key trends in the international IT market
our recruiters regularly interact with candidates and have up-to-date information on salaries and compensations, conditions and bonuses, which allows us to build an effective motivation strategy;

Optimized recruiting processes
communication is held with "hot" candidates, so the search and initial interview stages are really prompt — you have a unique opportunity to quickly hire a motivated professional, who was much more difficult to find just some time ago.
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The service will be useful to you in case

we will help you look through all the details and choose the optimal solution based on the specifics of your particular business, tasks and key objectives;
or you just need to expand your team in already existing foreign departments;
which need to be filled as soon as possible.Our prices are fixed for some standard services.
You need advice on the relocation of employees
You open new offices abroad, where you should relocate IT specialists
You have urgent job openings with relocation
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The average cost of the service
of employee's annual income
(instead of the standard rate of 20%)

In the current situation, our approach to the terms of cooperation is as flexible as possible, because we want to help both a large number of specialists who need relocation now, and companies as well — therefore

Search duration – from one week