Candidate support & relocation assistance

Attention! Fraud Alert!

Please be aware that our agency's recruiters will exclusively use LinkedIn and the email address you provide as our main communication channels. Under no circumstances will our agency contact you using your personal phone number. If you ever receive any communication via WhatsApp claiming to be from our agency, please be cautious, as it is definitely not from us.

How do we
support candidates?

We understand the technical nature of the tech industry and provide expert advice to optimize your CV for the best results.

CV optimization

We offer honest advice, tips, and strategies to help you find your dream job.

Job search strategies

We provide quick feedback after each recruitment stage, whether you are a suitable candidate for the position or not.

Prompt feedback

We recognize the challenges of relocating to a new country and provide relocation support to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Relocation assistance

Lucky Hunter

At Lucky Hunter, we believe in building trust-based relationships with every candidate, providing a comfortable and open communication process. Our commitment to supporting both our clients and candidates has earned us the trust and praise of industry leaders.
There are no former clients as well as former candidates in recruiting. That is why we build trust-based relationships with every candidate, making the communication process as comfortable as possible.

— Tatiana Melnichuk,
CEO and Founder of Lucky Hunter

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your recruitment needs if you are a candidate — send your CV and we’ll help you find the perfect job opportunity.