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Attention! Fraud Alert!
Please be aware that our agency’s recruiters will exclusively use LinkedIn and the email address you provide as our main communication channels. Under no circumstances will our agency contact you using your personal phone number. If you ever receive any communication via WhatsApp from our agency, please be cautious, as it is definitely not from us.

You can always verify our team of recruiters on our website if you have any doubts.

Lucky Hunter

As an IT recruitment agency, we specialise in connecting companies worldwide with top IT specialists. However, please note that our client is the employer, and our task is to find specialists based on their requirements. Unfortunately, we do not provide support or assistance with resume and cover letter writing or job search services for candidates.
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How do we
work with candidates?

Transparency is the foundation of our relationships with both clients and candidates. That is how we organise the selection process:
Client Request
We receive a request from a client, discuss the vacancy, create a candidate’s profile and begin our research.
We search for clients worldwide, utilising our database and tapping into different recruitment channels, depending on the search region.
Candidate Outreach
Respecting GDPR policies, we reach out to suitable candidates through LinkedIn and email. Note that we exclusively use these channels and never contact candidates via WhatsApp or Skype.
We conduct a series of initial interviews with suitable candidates, maintaining open and respectful communication throughout.
Client Interviews 
Subsequently, we organise interviews between the client and candidates, providing full assistance during the recruitment cycle for both sides.
Offer Acceptance
In the final phase, the selected candidate accepts the offer and officially joins the company. If a candidate declines the offer, we continue the search process, adjusting our recruitment strategy and candidate profile based on feedback.
Finalist Selection 
After going through additional stages like test assignments, live coding, technical interviews, and so on, a pool of finalists is formed. Then, the client selects the best candidate and extends an offer.

As you can see, we contact candidates only when we already have relevant vacancies

But there’s good news! We can add your resume to our database for potential future opportunities. If you are interested in being considered for positions that align with your skills, please send your resume to or fill out the form below and include the link to your resume.

Quick Guide

Could you help me find a job?
Unfortunately, we don’t search for specific jobs for candidates.
Do you provide job consultation services to candidates?
We operate at a fast pace, actively searching for candidates to fill our clients' vacancies. Therefore, we do not provide consulting services for candidates.
Can I send you my resume?
Absolutely! Please send your resume to
Is there a list of vacancies you work on?
Yes, there is! You can consult the dedicated page. However, please note that the list of vacancies we currently work on might not be exhaustive. Feel free to send us your resume, and we will contact you if there’s a suitable match.
Tatiana Melnichuk, CEO and Founder of Lucky Hunter
There are no former clients as well as former candidates in recruiting. That is why we build trust-based relationships with every candidate, making the communication process as comfortable as possible.

— Tatiana Melnichuk,
CEO and Founder of Lucky Hunter

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your recruitment needs if you are a candidate — send your CV.