Meet the team

At Lucky Hunter, we understand the importance of getting to know the team that will be working closely with you. Trust is one of the key factors to achieving common goals, and that's why we believe it's essential to get to know our team better before we meet on the first video call.

Whether you're a start-up or an established company, our team is ready to work with you to understand your unique needs and goals, and to find the perfect fit for your team. Browse through our team members' profiles to learn more about our experience, expertise, and specialities.
Tatiana Melnichuk
Founder and CEO
11+ years of experience in tech recruitment, including Head of Technical Recruitment and HR business partner roles in international tech companies and startups.


Maria Reiimbaeva
Head of IT Recruitment
Specialization: Rust, QA, Blockchain, iOS, C++.
Leila Taiekh
Sourcing IT Specialist
Started working in IT recruiting in 2023. Works with Lead IT Recruiter Maria.

Team 1: Maria and Leila

Team 2: Valeriya, Karina, Veronika

Valeriya Soboleva
Lead IT Recruiter
Specialization: Product Manager, Project Manager, Go, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Ruby on Rails.
Karina Kovalenok
IT Recruiter
Started working in IT recruiting in 2021. Works with Lead IT Recruiter Valeriya.
Veronika Vlasovets
Sourcing IT Specialist
Started working in IT recruiting in 2023. Works with Lead IT Recruiter Valeriya.
Daria Lysova
Lead IT Recruiter
Specialization: Frontend, Python, Android, Java, Game Designers.
Alika Khanova
IT Recruiter
Started working in IT recruiting in 2021. Works with Lead IT Recruiter Daria.

Team 3: Daria and Alika

Polina Barabanova
Head of PR
Polina is our Head of PR who oversees our brand strategy and is responsible for developing and executing our marketing campaigns. With years of experience in PR and marketing, Polina not only oversees the team but also leads the charge in promoting Lucky Hunter and its services to the world.
Alyona Volokitina
Responsible for creating visually appealing and user-friendly designs that effectively communicate our brand message and values. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for design, Alyona ensures that our materials look professional and polished.
Alexandra Godunova
Content Manager
Responsible for creating and managing all of the content on our website and social media platforms. With a talent for writing, Alexandra ensures that our messaging is clear, consistent, and engaging.
Ekaterina Iakovleva
SMM Specialist
Talented and creative social media specialist who is responsible for building and nurturing a strong and engaged community around our brand. With her expertise in digital marketing, Ekaterina creates engaging and effective social media campaigns that help to raise awareness of our services and attract top talent to our clients' organizations.
Alyona Markova
Business Developer
Responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, as well as maintaining and growing our existing client relationships. With a background in sales and marketing, Alyona is an expert in building and nurturing relationships with clients and partners.
Works with Business Developer.
Business Development Assistance
Elizaveta Melnichuk
Bulldog Manager
Manages Tatiana's schedule, communicates with clients and partners, and takes care of all the administrative tasks that keep our agency running smoothly.
Nina Belova
Responsible for managing and organizing all of our agency's legal and financial documents. With over 3 years of experience in the field, Irina ensures that everything is in order and easily accessible for our team.
Document management specialist
Irina Kvitko
Responsible for managing our agency's finances, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. She ensures that our agency's finances are accurate and up-to-date.
Chief Accountant
Margarita Ovseenko
Responsible for providing legal advice and support to our agency. He helps with contract negotiations, compliance and legal issues related to our agency operations.
Roman Rafikov
Responsible for managing the finances of our Kazakhstan office.
Accountant | Kazakhstan office
Dinara Kabatova
Responsible for managing the finances of our Armenian office.
Accountant | Armenian office
Nare Shahnazaryan