Corporate Social Responsibility

With the growth of the company, we have more and more opportunities to help others, take care of the environment, or simply be partial to everything surrounding us.
We believe that business is not just about making profit. Business is also a story about responsibility before society, enhancing the quality of people's lives and, of course, taking care of our planet.

We at Lucky Hunter do our best to make our planet a better place. On this page you will find some examples of our work worthwhile for the good of society.

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Charity work

First of all, we donate money to different charities on a regular basis. For example, we make donations to the Children-Butterfly Foundation. This organization helps children with Epidermolysis bullosa and Ichthyosis.
Secondly, our team regularly makes donations to a charity organization called "Nochlezka". It's an organization that helps homeless people regain feet. We have even taken part in opening a dining area for street people.
Thirdly, instead of receiving gifts at our birthdays we ask our friends, family and colleagues to donate to various charities. Thus we believe that we make our planet a better place to live.
Last but not least, our founder Tatiana Melnichuk hands out her clothes in return for people's donation to various charity organizations.
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Besides charity work and donations to foundations we think about our planet. That is why we do not use plastic and convert paper. We've recently become participants in a project from the Svetocopy company which is called "Dobrobum", collecting all waste paper and office paper in a separate container.
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Saving Planet

Green Petersburg
Together with the foundation Green Petersburg, we have organized a full-fledged campaign for landscaping our beloved St. Petersburg.

5% from all our proceeds from activities we donate to Green Petersburg foundation. On these earnings, the team plants trees making our city more beautiful and liveable.