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As an international IT recruitment agency, we source technical talents in the IT field from all corners of the world. Our search for IT talent truly knows no boundaries.

Our goal is to connect our clients with the best IT specialists, regardless of their location, ensuring that businesses have access to the most talented and qualified professionals in the industry.

Where do you conduct IT recruitment?

Our clients include companies of all sizes. We are always happy to assist young teams in their development by providing access to top IT professionals.

In fact, we offer special conditions for startups, including a flexible system of discounts.

I have a startup and I need tech recruiting. Do you work only with large IT companies or can you help me too?

We offer IT recruitment services for both full-time and part-time positions, covering a wide range of profiles, including even the rarest specialisations.

Our services also include executive search, where we help clients select top management professionals for senior positions, such as CTO, VP of Sales, Head of Product, and more.

In addition, we conduct large-scale IT market research, ranging from salary and compensation reviews to market share calculations in specific regions. Each study is carried out at a specific request of the customer.

What services does your
tech recruitment agency have?

The cost of recruiting IT personnel varies depending on the specific position. For instance, at our IT recruitment agency, the cost starts from 19% of the annual income of a specialist and from 25% for an Executive search.

Meanwhile, the cost of IT research is calculated on a case-by-case basis and takes into account factors such as scale, timing, and methods used.

How much does
a tech recruitment service cost?

IT recruitment agencies have a deep knowledge of the trends of the IT hiring market, experience in filling complex positions and proven selection methodologies, as well as access to various recruiting services and tools.

In addition, thanks to our large recruitment department, we can work on multiple vacancies simultaneously.

Partnering with our agency will save you valuable time and effort and be more cost-effective than opening an in-house recruiting department.

Why contact an IT recruitment agency?

Full recruiting cycle: our recruiters will ensure that you receive only relevant specialists motivated to cooperate by selecting CVs and conducting initial interviews with candidates.

We also guide candidates from the beginning of communication to the offer; we offer help to negotiate, coordinate the following stages, and form an offer.

Also, if necessary, we can identify bottlenecks in the recruitment process and provide optimization advice.

Looking for a new employee in the team is always exciting, so we do everything possible to make sure that each presented candidate matches your business values and will be an excellent addition to your team.

What is included in the price?

While we don't typically need to offer replacements, we understand that difficult situations may arise. For example, at the end of the probationary period, it may become clear that the company and the candidate are not the right match for one another.

In such cases, we provide a free replacement for the candidate.

You mentioned candidate replacement guarantees.
Can you tell me more?

We often say that the process of IT recruiting can be cyclical and may need to be repeated until the right candidate is found.

For a better understanding of all the stages, we invite you to visit a dedicated page on our website.

How do you work in general?

We always focus on high-quality service, so we will not bombard you with dozens of CVs the day after discussing a job opening: we choose quality over quantity.

However, efficiency is essential to us, as we understand that timely and effective hiring is crucial to your business processes. Therefore, our recruiters typically present the first relevant candidates within 4 working days and aim to fill job openings within two weeks.

What is your deadline
for filling the job openings?

At Lucky Hunter, we do not rely on a single template: we believe every client is unique and requires an individual approach. Therefore, we try to understand their specific pain points and goals, forming a search strategy and motivation aligned with their needs.

This family-like and individual approach has earned us a loyal customer base, with 95% of our clients staying with us for years. When you partner with Lucky Hunter, you have a reliable and dedicated recruitment partner for the long term.

In addition, we adhere to the principle of partnership between our agency and our client. We share a common goal of hiring the best IT specialists, and to achieve this, we prioritise open communication, mutual respect, and flexibility. We are very sensitive to partnership: we only commit to working with companies that share our values, which brings us to successfully fill 100% of the vacancies we've worked on.

We always aim to stay ahead of the competition by adopting innovative recruiting methods. Our unique neuroscientific approach allows us to fill job openings quickly. This vanguard method has proven to be highly effective, and it helps us provide the best talent to meet your business needs.

How do you differ
from your competitors?

A neuroscientific approach in IT recruiting involves using insights from neuroscience to understand the cognitive and behavioural traits of candidates and make informed hiring decisions, including analysing their personality traits and emotional intelligence to determine the best fit for the job.

What is a neuroscientific approach?

Lucky Hunter is an IT recruitment agency that provides staffing services for companies: we neither handle job searches for candidates nor help write resumes and cover letters.

You can either view open job positions and apply directly in the appropriate section or submit your resume, and we will contact you if we have relevant job openings in the future.

I am a candidate. Could you help me find a job?