IT market research and analytics

We will plan and conduct an IT market research based on the goals and objectives that are relevant to you.
IT market research allows you to get an answer to any business question relevant to your company at a particular time:
effective and quick hiring;
choosing a business direction or country to open a new office;
working with the company's reputation as an employer.


High expertise
Helps us to competently study any issues related to the IT field: Lucky Hunter analysts know the nuances of the international IT market and key trends, have up-to-date information on salary forks of candidates of different profiles.
When conducting research, we use primary and secondary data
Including conducting in-depth, expert and quantitative interviews, working with reports and necessary documentation to obtain the most complete and valid results.

We present the results in a user-friendly and convenient
Way using the Rstudio development environment, in which we build boxplots and linear regressions, if necessary, create Wordcloud and compile Pie charts.
We specialize in conducting both small and large-scale research
We specialize in conducting both small and large-scale research
We conduct research in a short time, if you have an urgent request
We conduct research in a short time, if you have an urgent request

Overview of salaries and compensations

Tilda Publishing
Of current employees in accordance with market realities.
We help determine the indexation of salaries
you will find out how the requests of candidates and the demand for different IT specialists have changed over a certain period of time
If necessary, we include a historical cross-section of data in our research
To compete with other companies.
We find out what bonuses you can offer candidates today
Of IT specialists of the required profile.
We provide up-to-date information about salary forks

Marketing research of the IT market

including calculation of market capacity in certain regions
We study the reputation of the company and the employer's HR brand
We conduct market volume research and analysis
We carry out competitive analysis

Individual IT research for your request

We develop a research plan and program specifically for your goals and objectives.

How do we conduct research?

We receive a request from the client
We are conducting research
We are processing the results
and arrange a call to clarify all the details and form a research strategy


The cost of each research is calculated individually
— it is influenced by factors such as timing and complexity.

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