Relocation: Lucky Hunter research for an international tech company

Against the backdrop of constantly changing things, unpredictability and variability in markets, the requests of Lucky Hunter clients are also changing. In addition to our main service - IT staff selection, we conduct IT market research. Since most requests for research conduction are associated with relocation, we decided to create a separate service.
Briefly reminding you about the service: as part of the relocation service, we provide consultations for companies, help with choosing a country to open a new office, help with the collection of relocation packages, and for those companies that are hiring IT specialists and are ready to offer relocation to a future employee, we provide service at a big discount.
The creation of a separate service was not for nothing: the relocation assistance that we now provide to our clients turned out to be quite in demand among the IT community. We have helped 14 companies relocate more than 80 professionals to more stable countries, and recently have helped an international IT company decide where to open a new office.

Exactly about this case we've decided to talk in our new article.

The task and difficulties

In March 2022, a large international company with offices in the US and Europe contacted Lucky Hunter. The company was looking for a new place to open an office, it was important to find one where it would be possible to relocate employees from unsafe countries (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus), quickly legalize the business, and create favorable conditions for the life of specialists' families.

The selection of such a place is a rather difficult task, since there are many factors that narrow the number of suitable countries. Among them were:
  • 1
    an ambiguous attitude towards the Russian-speaking population in some regions;
  • 2
    difficulties with obtaining a residence permit;
  • 3
    IT-infrastructure and the presence of companies that have similar technology stack.
In addition, each country is unique and has its own laws. So, for example, in some countries, an IT specialist must have a higher education in order to work as an IT employee.

The task solution. Finding the perfect hub

First, we have identified a pool of countries to which it would be easier to relocate employees. These are Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, as well as Spain, Great Britain and Finland. The policy of these countries supports the technology business, there are programs for simplified obtaining of visas for talented specialists, and there is a fairly developed IT infrastructure.

In addition, in these countries, despite the common political agenda, there is a rather neutral attitude towards the Russian-speaking people, and in some regions, like Armenia or Kazakhstan, we assessed it as positive.
Having decided on the countries that are most suitable for the tasks of our client, we moved on to the second stage of the research - the study of the labor market and domestic issues.
We studied the average cost of renting offices, determined the number of IT specialists and companies that work in the IT direction that our client needs, and the average salary of such employees.

We also found out all the key nuances of legalizing a business, obtaining a residence permit. To fully understand the picture and costs that will be required to relocate employees to a new hub, we also studied the cost of renting accommodation and flight tickets for the required dates.

What was the result of the research?

  • Data visualisation
    For each of the countries we selected at the beginning of the work, we created a separate PDF document in which we reflected the results of our research, highlighted the nuances of each country, the cost of living, the number of IT companies operating in the same segment, as well as the annual number of graduates in the areas in which our client's employees work.
  • Contacts
    We also described ways to legalize business, provided a list of useful contacts (lawyers, accountants, realtors) for the future organization of work and life in countries.
  • Result
    As a result, having studied all the pros and cons, our client decided to open two hubs at once, one in Spain, the other in Georgia, giving the employees the opportunity to choose a country for relocation.

We believe that our work helps people in difficult situations to move to more stable regions. Contact us if you have open IT vacancies or need advice on relocation. We'll conduct the research in a short time!

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