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For over 5 years, Lucky Hunter has been connecting top IT talents with global Robotics/AI companies and startups.

About Robotics/AI

Robotics/AI is an industry that combines the study of designing and building robots with the development of intelligent systems that can perform tasks autonomously. Robotics/AI has applications in various industries from healthcare to finances.

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Robotics/AI sectors

Fraud Detection
Algorithmic Trading
AI-Powered Underwriting
Computer Vision
And others
Network Optimisation
Deep Learning
Speech Recognition

IT positions in Robotics/AI

We at Lucky Hunter, provide comprehensive recruiting solutions for your Robotics/AI business, ranging from developers, analysts, engineers, and architects, to VP, team leaders, CTO, and other executive roles. We will assist you in finding candidates of any level and specialisation.

Tech Writer

AI Engineer

Data Analyst

And others

NLP Engineer


ML Engineer

Software Architect


Product Manager


Data Scientist

Average wages (worldwide)*

AI Engineer
Data Scientists
*According to the data provided by Lucky Hunter and Glassdoor
The overview provides average wages for IT specialists worldwide. We offer personalised insights for your unique case during our initial briefing sessions.

Our Robotics/AI clients

Hundreds of happy clients can't be wrong

Head of Engineering at Ultrarev (Los Angeles, USA)
Lucky Hunter is a great team that sincerely cares about the needs of the client and creates a cool working atmosphere.

It's also good that the team works all over the world. So no matter where you are, who you are looking for and what country, Lucky Hunter works with all such cases.
COO in Woodenshark (Nuremberg, Germany)
For the very first time, we contacted Lucky Hunter in January 2019. We needed to recruit an Embedded-developer. The Lucky Hunter tech recruiters filled the role in a short time: we made the long-awaited offer to the candidate just three weeks after the job opening discussion.

We work together with Lucky Hunter till the present day: while maintaining long-term partnerships, we are confident of a high-quality result.

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