The evolution of our company

Our IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter was founded in St. Petersburg in 2017. What have we managed to do in these few years? So we have...

Filled more than
2000 job openings

We successfully fill 100% of the vacancies we work on. What is the secret of success? We believe in partnership and adequate dialogue. We also use an innovative neuroscientific approach that allows us to find skilled IT professionals who are a 100% perfect match for your organisation.

We approach each partnership very carefully, seeking to collaborate with clients who share our mindset and views on processes.
By working closely with like-minded partners, we deliver impressive results in a short time. Our clients become long-term partners because we always deliver the highest level of service, and our results prove it.

Erased the boundaries

We started with an office in St. Petersburg, and by the end of 2022, we had opened offices in London, Dubai, Yerevan, and Astana. However, our geographic reach is not limited to these cities alone, as we are an international technical recruitment agency and conduct IT recruitment all over the world.
It doesn't matter what country you are in and where you need to find an IT talent: our talent search knows no geographical boundaries, so we can assist you in any country you require.

Expanded the range
of services

In addition to technical recruitment, we also provide executive search services and offer consultations or full-scale research of the IT market for companies. Thanks to this, we provide a comprehensive service to the client and solve several of their pains at once.

Are you looking to relocate your business abroad? Do you need help deciding on the country and recruiting a team? We will help with
all these tasks, including finding software developers who speak the same language as you: we have a large base of technical talents who speak different languages and live in different countries.

Supplying tech stars
to startups and moguls globally

Our regular customers are companies with a staff of more than 200 people who trust us with recruitment in the IT field. Moreover, we have been working with startups for many years, we know their specifics perfectly well and help novice projects to expand a team, offering flexible terms of cooperation.

Expanded the team
to 30 people

Lucky Hunter started with just two people, and our team has since grown to 30 employees, each a professional in their field. For example, our CEO has 11 years of experience in IT recruiting, and many of our recruiters have more than 7 years of industry expertise, giving us a deep understanding of the specifics of the IT market.

We are all very different, but we are united by high expertise, love for our work, and the general principles that we adhere to in our work.

Helped to make the world a better and kinder place

Regularly, we cooperate with the Animal shelter assistance fund and an organization that helps homeless people. In addition, we necessarily sort garbage in offices and, together with our clients, participate in city greening events held by the Nature Protection Fund.

Shared unique expertise

The CEO of the IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter Tatiana regularly speaks at international HR and Tech conferences and TEDx events, and also participates in various round tables and podcasts dedicated to IT recruiting. Tatiana is a member of the Forbes Councils and shares many years of experience in recruitment in her articles.

In addition to Forbes, our articles, IT research, and HR analytics are published by such online media as RBC, Rusbase, INC, Tinkoff Magazine, Afisha.London and others.

We have made a plan to conquer the world of IT recruiting

And bring the service to a new level. We discuss the role's requirements and learn more about your goals and dynamics.

Not only can we assist you in finding the most suitable candidate, but we can also help you determine the ideal candidate profile for your needs, using our effective neuroscientific method.

You also get a free consultation on the market situation.
If you feel that we are close in spirit and we could have a productive cooperation, fill out the form below so that we get to know each other better and start working on your case