A long time ago

the international IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter was founded

in a recruiting galaxy far far away

What have we managed to do during these several years?

We successfully fill 100% of the job openings we start working on. What is the secret of success? We believe in the principle of partnership and adequate dialogue, and we also work according to our own unique methodology, which allows us to quickly find talented IT specialists.

If you urgently need a unicorn in the world of IT recruiting with non-standard experience and a specific technology stack that everyone is talking about, but no one has ever seen, we will find even this talent. Yes, even on Mars.
We have filled more than 1,000 job openings
Among our regular clients are companies with a staff of more than 200 people who trust us with the recruitment of their employees. In addition, we have been working with startups for many years, we know their specifics very well and help novice projects to staff the IT team.
We have worked with international IT companies and found tech talents for breakthrough startups around the world
We have already conquered London, Yerevan and Nur-Sultan and we believe that this is just the beginning :) Can't stop, won't stop!
We have opened three offices
On a regular basis, we cooperate with the animal shelter assistance fund and an organization that helps the homeless people. In addition, we always sort garbage in offices and, together with our clients, participate in city greening events held by the nature protection fund. We love making our world a better place and our planet cleaner, so we are happy to contribute.
We have started various charitable activities
Lucky Hunter CEO Tatiana regularly takes part in international HR conferences and TEDx events, as well as participates in various tech meetups and podcasts about IT recruiting. Tatiana is a member of Forbes Councils and shares many years of experience in recruitment in her articles.

In addition to Forbes, our articles, IT research and HR analytics are published by such well-known online magazines as Hackernoon, Recruiter, Undercover Recruiter, Fetcher, Business.com and others.
We have shared unique expertise
We often say that one of our main missions is to make a revolution in IT recruiting and radically change the entire concept of this service. So we are sure that we will definitely succeed in it :)
We have made a plan to conquer the world of IT recruiting
In 2020, we got a bulldog affairs manager Gosha, who instantly achieved all KPIs in improving the atmosphere in the team, reducing stress levels and increasing our happiness. Since Gosha is a full-time employee of Lucky Hunter, you can get acquainted with him on the team page.
...And we have also made a job offer to the main antistress of the whole team and become a pet-friendly office
Lucky Hunter started with just two people at first, but we developed and grew significantly. Now our team has 20 employees, each of whom is a professional in their field: for example, our CEO has 15 years of experience in IT recruiting, and many of our recruiters have been working in the tech industry for more than 7 years and are well aware of the specifics of the IT market.

We are all very different, but we are united by high expertise, love for IT recruiting, general values, as well as a certain tenderness for Dr.Martens shoes and the annual celebration of Halloween as the main corporate holiday of all witches who work their recruiting magic.
We have expanded the team to 20 people
We plan not to stop but to continue to develop, grow and help companies and startups conquer the IT world by selecting cool and talented IT staff for them.
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