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Our IT recruitment agency will find top-tier IT professionals for executive positions

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Executive search is a service for finding outstanding, rare tech specialists in the IT market. Such candidates have an exceptional professional background, extraordinary skills and high salaries.

Finding suitable candidates for executive positions can be a challenging and time-consuming task for IT companies. Our IT recruitment agency is here to streamline the process and assist you in identifying the ideal candidates for these job openings.
Exceptional professional background
High salaries
Extraordinary skills

Exceptional professional background

Extraordinary skills

High salaries

Find top-tier IT professionals: why choose Lucky Hunter?

We have successfully filled executive positions such as DevOps Evangelist, CTO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Head of Product, and many more.

Expert recruitment of the rarest specialists

Before initiating the search, we conduct in-depth market research for the specific position (including identifying potential candidates) and analyse companies where professionals with the desired profiles are employed. We also determine salary benchmarks.

Unique selection methodology

We leverage unconventional approaches and our own candidate motivation system.

Unconventional recruitment channels

Our recruiters possess extensive knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of the international IT markets. They excel at expertly selecting IT specialists for even the most challenging positions.

Guaranteed hiring

Once you’ll start working with us, you won’t want to work with anybody, but Lucky Hunter. Contact our IT recruitment agency and see for yourself!

Our recruiters are trained to use scientific methods to analyze the candidate's cognitive and emotional traits, which enables us to find the best match for the executive positions.

Neuro-based approach

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A DevOps Evangelist in 3 weeks

A CTO for a blockchain project in one month

Executive Search:
How We Found a Product Manager for Simple App, an International Healthtech Company