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Our team has over 15 years of experience in matching top tech talents with IT companies and startups from around the world.

Expertise. Our tech recruiters know the IT market inside out and stay up-to-date on industry trends, ensuring you have access to the latest information.

Neuro-based approach. Our recruiters are trained to use scientific methods to analyze a candidate's cognitive and emotional traits. This allows us to find the best possible match for your team.

Types of staff selection

Quick results

Receive relevant CVs in just 4 working days.

Flexible payment

Pay only after the candidate starts working.

Extensive Database

Our pool of more than
150 000 talented tech professionals can efficiently meet any hiring needs.

Partnership Principle

We take your requirements into account and find the best fit for your company.


We communicate with both you and the candidate at every stage.


Free replacement policy.

tech recruitment

tech recruitment

Find the perfect fit for your long-term hiring needs.
Fill your temporary IT positions with ease.

Large database of candidates

Access to a large database of talented tech professionals.

Unique approach

Customized and individual approach to match your unique requirements.

Quick solution

A quick and efficient solution to fill urgent staffing needs.

Access to a pool IT specialists

Access to a pool of skilled and experienced IT professionals ready to work on a temp basis.

We will fill any
tech vacancy for you

Our technical recruitment agency can help you fill any tech vacancy, no matter the industry.

We have the expertise and resources to match you with the best tech talent for your business needs.

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