Working in one of the most progressive and changing areas, we understand how important it is to participate in its development. We recruit exceptional candidates for outstanding companies while working for the good of the community.


Our expert consultations provide valuable insights into the IT job market, job vacancies, current salary ranges, and hiring the best specialists.

Consultations are a critical part of our work as an IT recruitment agency. They enable us to quickly and efficiently match excellent companies with talented specialists, leading to the realisation of cutting-edge IT concepts and the creation of revolutionary products that enhance people's quality of life worldwide.

Recruiter training

At Lucky Hunter, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider community. We strive to engage with diverse audiences through a range of platforms, from Habr to TEDx and Forbes, where we offer valuable advice and tips on recruiting.

In addition to this, we are planning to launch a methodology specifically designed to empower novice IT recruiters.
Our goal is to empower individuals to become knowledgeable, effective recruiters who can make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Market research

At Lucky Hunter, we invest time and resources in conducting our own market research. Recently, we delved into topics such as the prevalent needs of IT specialists, their attitudes towards testing assignments, and their preferences for the number of selection stages.

We believe our research is valuable to the community, providing insights that could help individuals and organisations better understand the market and make informed business decisions.

Dare to make
a difference

At Lucky Hunter, we understand that hiring the right IT professionals is essential for the success of any business.

That's why we have developed a unique neuroscientific approach that combines the best of humanity and technology to make informed decisions about candidates.
This unique approach sets us apart from other agencies and makes us a trusted partner for businesses that are looking for exceptional talent.
such as empathy, intuition, and cultural fit

While also taking into account the human side of recruitment

using advanced technology to identify the most promising individuals

We analyse candidate data