We do our best not only to provide the best service on the market but also to influence the entire IT community.

Lucky Hunter and its impact on the IT industry

Working in one of the most progressive and changing areas, we understand how important it is to take part in its development, not only recruiting outstanding people for outstanding companies but also working for the good of the community.
When clients contact us at Lucky Hunter, at the very first stage of communication, we share knowledge about the state of the IT market. We tell potential clients about the specifics of the vacancy they want to fill, share current salary ranges and give valuable advice on hiring specialists.
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We believe that consultations are a very important part of our work. This is how we help good companies and worthy specialists find each other faster, implement cool IT ideas and launch cool products, which means making our world a bit better and more comfortable for life.
Recruiter training
We try to talk as much as possible about recruiting, give advice and tips on various platforms - from Habr to TEDx and Forbes. In addition, very soon we plan to launch a series of training courses for novice IT recruiters.
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We are sure that the more people who master our recruitment methodology, the happier IT employers and candidates will be.
Market research
Many companies conduct IT research on a paid basis, as well as our Lucky Hunter agency, but at the same time, we allocate time to conduct our own IT market research. So, for example, we recently have learned about what needs prevail among IT specialists today, how they relate to test assignments, how many selection stages they prefer, and much more.
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We believe that the community needs such research, because it helps to better understand the market and make the right business decisions.
IT Projects
We have launched a special service for IT recruiting CVHub. We have fairly budgeted prices, so almost any hiring manager can afford to buy access. Moreover, we have created quite favourable conditions for startups, thus helping the most vulnerable category of employers to successfully find IT specialists.
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Thus, realizing that one job to fill IT vacancies is not enough, we do everything to ensure that the IT community develops and becomes better. We believe that in the future we will have even more resources and opportunities to contribute to our precious IT field.
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How else do we influence the industry?

Due to extreme circumstances happening throughout the world, especially Ukraine and Russia, we decided to help candidates with relocation to other countries. It is extremely important to support people nowadays, save their jobs and do all we can to make them feel safe. We are against any military actions and we still believe that peace throughout the world is possible. If you need help, please contact us and we'll try to do our best to help you.