IT Recruitment for Startups

We find talented IT specialists for young companies

About solution

At Lucky Hunter, we understand the challenges and difficulties startups face in hiring.

That's why we introduce a special offer for startups: we help you find top-notch IT specialists at the best rates for young IT projects.

Neuroscientific approach

We find the best IT specialists and also determine who you truly need.


We provide a free replacement.

Max speed

Receive relevant CVs in just 4 working days.


Resumes of qualified IT specialists that match your requests.

No prepayments

Pay only after the candidate starts working.

Building a team from scratch

We will assist you in assembling a team from scratch.

HR brand development

We can assist you in creating an HR brand and, if necessary, take care of all your HR functions.


We take your requirements into account and find the best fit for your company.

Advantages of working with Lucky Hunter

We help you build the right motivational strategy and find a key to any IT specialist.

Right motivation

Each startup is unique, so our IT recruiters will thoroughly examine your company's requirements and goals and create a tailored search strategy to guarantee the selection of suitable specialists.

Common mindset

Our pool of more than 150 000 talented tech professionals can efficiently meet any hiring needs.

Extensive database

Our optimised recruitment process ensures efficiency at every stage of the selection process, from screening to making job offers.

Optimised processes

Once you’ll start working with us, you won’t want to work with anybody, but Lucky Hunter. Contact our IT recruitment agency and see for yourself!

We can assist in creating a candidate profile, determining the optimal search region, and providing salary guidance.

Determination of a candidate’s profile

Services for Startups

IT staff recruitment
Find a perfect match for your company
IT market research and analytics
Get data-driven IT market insights
Executive search
Find C-level executives and rare IT specialists
Express Salary Report
Get a customised express salary report within 3 days

We will find IT specialists in any IT industry

The Lucky Hunter team possesses extensive expertise across all sectors of the IT industry: with a deep understanding of the intricacies, nuances, and diverse search channels, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect IT specialists for your projects.

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Trust us with the search for the best IT specialists and focus on what matters most — developing your business


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