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About specialisation

AI specialists develop advanced technologies by creating algorithms and models that enable machines to perform tasks and make decisions like humans.

Lucky Hunter has been recruiting AI developers for companies around the world for more than 5 years. Our experts will study your company's requirements and find the best candidates using 32 recruitment channels.

Long-term investment

99% success rate of candidates found by our team remaining with our clients for years, minimising the need for costly and time-consuming replacements.

Smart hiring

Our company’s neuroscientific approach ensures we provide top-tier talent that aligns with your business needs.

Vast database

There are more than 150 000 candidates in our GDPR-friendly database to meet any hiring needs.

100% result

We fill 100% of the IT roles we work on.

The key responsibilities

Develop machine learning algorithms and models
Integrate the model into software applications, websites, or other systems
Monitor the performance of AI systems
Implement testing procedures
Train machine learning models
Gather and process data
And others

AI developers we recruit

Our IT recruitment agency has been recruiting AI developers for more than five years. We will help you create a candidate profile, plan a search strategy, develop an effective motivation strategy, and help you find your perfect match.

NLP Engineer

Data Analyst

And others

AI Engineer

Software Architect

Data Scientist


ML Engineer

Average wages (worldwide)*

AI Engineers
Data Analysts
ML Engineers
*According to the data provided by Lucky Hunter and Glassdoor
The overview provides average wages for IT specialists worldwide. We offer personalised insights for your unique case during our initial briefing sessions.

Industries that require AI specialists

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