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IT staff recruitment: how to find a Python developer for a British startup in three weeks?

We at Lucky Hunter regularly fill challenging positions. We've already shared stories of filling job openings for the positions of C ++, Mobile, Java, Ruby, Rust and many other developers.

Today we are sharing one of the most recent cases: telling you how our Lead technical recruiter Valeriya managed to find a Lead Python developer for a British startup in just three weeks.

Tech talents recruitment: the task and difficulties

In June of this year, a British startup contacted our IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter: the team was looking for a Python developer with a vast background. Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of Python developers in the IT market, and at first glance, it may seem that such a task is not pretty challenging, in reality, it is not quite the truth, and here's why:
The specialist our client was looking for must have over five years of experience in development.
Our client's startup is only at the MVP stage, and there are only two people working at the startup - CEO and CTO.
Not every specialist will be ready to work at a startup with such conditions, because it's quite risky, and in the conditions of an unstable situation in the world, IT professionals began to value stability like never before.
In addition, this means that the specialist our client was looking for must have experience in launching products from scratch, understand how the company's business processes are organized and take an active part in product development, which also narrowed the pool of relevant candidates.
Over the past six months, the demand for Python developers has grown several times. Python specialists are involved in almost every tech sphere, from testing to Big Data analytics.

This suggests that the ordinary task of recruiting Python developers has turned into a rather complex, non-trivial story.

Why did we take on the vacancy?

In addition to the fact that we are passionate about working with startups and love complex tasks, even more, we noted the client's objective way of looking at things: the startup team was well-versed in the market, offering attractive terms of cooperation:
  • First, the startup team offered the future employee a remote work format with a change to relocate to London in a year.
  • Secondly, realizing that the financial component is an important aspect of successful hiring, our client was ready to offer a market salary, and as an extra "perk", which is options.
Thus, after discussing all the nuances of the position and compiling a candidate's profile together with the startup team, we started the search.

Tech talents recruitment: the search

Usually, when looking for IT specialists, we at Lucky Hunter use all possible recruiting channels. In this case, we didn't need it, because over the many years of work at Lucky Hunter, we managed to assemble a fairly high-quality database of Python developers. It was exactly the Lucky Hunter database where we found the "very same" specialist that our client's team was looking for.
Of course, the Lucky Hunter database wasn't the only channel that we used when looking for a specialist. We also used Telegram, LinkedIn, and some services for tech recruiting.

To hire software developers: result

Thanks to the targeted selection of specialists and competent motivation, we quickly found the right candidate, having processed 54 CVs of Python developers. We conducted interviews with 17 specialists, two of whom received an offer from our client. As a result, after just two weeks of searching, one candidate accepted the offer and successfully got a job at the client's company.

Tech recruitment: key success factors

  • Speed
    One of the key success factors is, of course, speed. Our mutual operative work with the client on the CVs processing, interviewing and the quick offer making, have done their part. No one had a chance to "lure" the candidate to another company, and he promptly accepted the offer of our client.
  • Partnership
    Secondly, it is a partnership. The startup team paid heed to our recommendations, was ready to adjust the terms of employment, and organized recruiting processes in accordance with market realities.
  • Lucky Hunter professionalism
    Thirdly, it is the professionalism of our Lucky Hunter team. Valeriya accurately identified the ways of motivating candidates, highlighting the ability to relocate to London as the main "plus" of the opening. Realizing that not every candidate wants to move to another country, Valeriya selected only those candidates for whom this advantage could be really attractive. In addition, Valeriya got the specialists interested in the position by telling more about the project and the opportunity to create a cool, technological product from scratch.
This case once again proves that there are no impossible tasks in recruiting. If you play your cards right, you can find a highly professional specialist in a matter of weeks, even for a young project.

Are you looking for an IT specialist to join your team? Contact us at Lucky Hunter: we'll help you to build a candidate's profile, help you better understand the market and prove that quick selection of IT talents is not a myth, but professionalism and a high-quality database of our agency :)

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