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IT staff recruitment: how to recruit three Ruby developers for an IT company in a short time?

Ruby-developers, like most IT-talents, are in high demand in the IT market: according to the annual Stackoverflow report, Ruby ranks 12th in the list of the most popular programming languages. In addition, Ruby developers are among the top 10 top-paying IT specialists in the world.

It's very difficult to recruit such specialists for a company, especially when the working conditions don't differ from the standard ones, and in some aspects even lose out to competitive vacancies. But at technical recruitment agency Lucky Hunter, we believe: there are no impossible tasks in recruiting, so we accepted the challenge and successfully filled the job openings for the position of Ruby developers.
The Lucky Hunter technical recruiter Valeriya explains: how we managed to do it, and what the key to success was.

Technical recruitment: the task and difficulties

An IT company contacted IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter with a request to find three Ruby developers. The customer put forward challenging demands: we had to recruit three Mid-level specialists at once. The main difficulty was the working conditions:
  • 1
    The company's policy didn't imply remote work — a favorite work status among developers.
  • 2
    The offered salary was below the market average: we couldn't eke out the absence of the remote work by higher payment.
  • 3
    All interviews were conducted by the team leader. He was working on a tight schedule, so he couldn't always find time for an interview. Candidates were waiting for an interview longer than usual, so they began to consider other offers.

Tech talents recruitment: how we've solved the task

It was clear that we were facing a really difficult task, but our perseverance, a deep understanding of the IT-sphere and knowledge of IT recruiting life hacks helped us to cope with challenges quickly. So, to fill the positions, we:
  • 1
    Emphasized nonresident specialists
    The customer was ready to consider candidates from other cities, and we maximized this opportunity. We know that relocation is an attractive condition for IT pros because it's a new and unusual experience.
  • 2
    Were searching mainly for young professionals
    The customer's company creates a useful, scalable product. The ability to work in a dynamic, technological project is attractive to many IT talents. We got many developers interested in the job opening by highlighting this advantage.
  • 3
    Used additional recruitment channels
    We were searching for specialists not only in Telegram, LinkedIn and on HeadHunter, but also through the Amazing Hiring service, our own candidate database and other popular social media.
To fill the position, we processed over 400 candidates' CVs, conducted 30 interviews with specialists, to seven of which the customer made an offer. Three candidates accepted the offer and successfully joined the work in the company. Note that all specialists were found through different recruitment channels and came from other cities. The Lucky Hunter life hacks and the ability to identify the primary priorities of IT specialists helped us to achieve the desired result and successfully fill all job openings.
By the way, we are currently working on filling two new job openings for the same customer. We are searching for Senior-level Ruby developers.

To hire software developers: the key success factors

  • Partnership
    The customer paid heed to our recommendations and approached the job opening filling flexibly: he considered a wide range of specialists from Mid-level developers to senior-specialists, offered relocation and was ready to wait until the candidate settled the issues at the previous job and collected the necessary documentation package. In addition, the company covered ticket costs.
  • There was no test assignment
    The client organized only one selection stage - an interview. This made the path easier for us because many candidates aren't ready to spend time completing the assignment, especially if they aren't paid for it. In addition, the customer was ready to make an offer to the relevant candidate straight after communication. So we could quickly hire talented guys.
  • The Lucky Hunter expertise
    We know how to get a specialist interested in position when working conditions don't have serious advantages. In our case, the advantages were: working in a tech company with interesting, diverse tasks, VHI (for some specialists this is a good motivation), the possibility of quick career growth.

Do you have a complex job opening or do you need to find a tech talent, find software developers and recruit IT staff in a short time? Now you know who to contact: the Lucky Hunter experts will provide you with the first relevant candidates within four working days after the job opening discussion!

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