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IT staff recruitment: how we found a Data Engineer for Semrush

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Today, we're sharing how the collaborative effort of our Lead IT recruiter Valeriya Soboleva and researcher Karina Kovalenok allowed us to successfully recruit a Data Engineer for Semrush, an online platform that empowers marketing professionals to create campaigns across various channels, manage them, measure results, and enhance the online visibility of their products and services.

Despite all the challenges, our team managed to fill this vacancy in less than two months. Read on to find out the details of the case study.

Task and difficulties

In the summer of 2022, Semrush approached us with a request to find a Data Engineer.
Data engineers operate in diverse environments, building systems that gather, organise, and transform raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret.
As usual, no case comes without challenges, and this one was no exception:
  • Narrow specialisation
    The company required a DE specialist who excelled in working with databases (indexes, search, and query optimisation), particularly with ClickHouse, their principal data storage; the company has a dedicated team responsible for optimising its performance for other departments.
  • Strong scripting language skills (preferably Python)
    By the way, proficiency in Python has been a significant advantage for companies for years, as Python developers are in demand across various IT sectors, from testing to analytics.
  • Challenging relocation
    Numerous international companies have a preference for hiring specialists from outside of Russia, and our client is no exception. Although they evaluated candidates from Russia, they gave priority to individuals who were willing to relocate. However, considering the lengthy process of obtaining documents for Russian candidates moving to Europe (which typically takes around 6 months), the company offered a two-stage relocation plan to address this issue effectively.

    Under this plan, the candidate would initially relocate from Russia to Serbia. After successfully completing the probationary period, a new offer would be presented, including a subsequent relocation process to Spain.

How we filled the vacancy

Our client, being a large global company, has implemented highly competitive conditions and benefits package for the IT specialist:
  • Market-competitive salary;
  • Relocation assistance (visa and document assistance, flight compensation, a housing allowance for 1-2 months, and coverage for organisational expenses for both the candidate and their family.);
  • Medical insurance;
  • Option to work from the office or remotely;
  • Various perks such as Spanish and English language courses.
After a thorough discussion of all the requirements, we determined the candidate profile and began our research!

We utilised LinkedIn, Telegram, AmazingHiring, and our own Lucky Hunter database to search for potential candidates. Thanks to many years of experience in the international market, we built a valuable database of highly skilled candidates across various IT specialisations.

In total, we processed 138 resumes, sent out 116 emails, and conducted 11 interviews with candidates. One of them turned out to be a perfect match for our client :)

Key Success Factors

  • Defining the Profile
    Despite the company's high requirements, which included a specialised technical education and deep expertise in Python and ClickHouse – skills not commonly found among Data Engineers in the market – we managed to identify 7 candidates who met the criteria for the initial technical interviews with the team and one of them excelled in the live coding session :)
  • Partnership
    The client's team had a clear vision, providing prompt feedback and organising interviews efficiently despite their busy schedules. They were open to candidates from different locations and readily discussed any hiring process details.
  • The professionalism of Lucky Hunter
    Working together, our recruiter, Valeria, and researcher, Karina, developed an effective search and candidate motivation strategy, enabling us to fill the vacancy in less than two months.


In a successful partnership with Semrush company, we found and onboarded a rare engineer despite relocation challenges and market conditions. The employee not only completed the probation period but also successfully relocated and continues to work with the team.

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