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IT staff recruitment: how to Find a Senior Golang Developer for a startup in Three Weeks?

In our experience, Golang developers are one of the most sought-after specialists today. International ratings (TIOBE, PYPL) and Lucky Hunter's own statistics prove this. According to our data, the number of requests for hiring a Go developer has increased by 30% over the past year.

Therefore, hiring a Golang developer even for a leading IT company is a difficult and non-trivial task. Despite this, we at technical recruitment agency Lucky Hunter regularly fill such positions. One of these stories is in our today's article: Lucky Hunter IT recruiter Valeriya found a Senior Go developer for a young GameDev startup in just three weeks. Read our article and learn how we did it.

We think you guessed it: this is exactly what the American company managed to do. About how we successfully filled the roles of QA-Engineers - read in the article.

Technical recruitment: the task and difficulties

In January 2021, a young GameDev startup contacted Lucky Hunter. The company was looking for a Senior-level Go developer ready to develop a game server from scratch.
Despite the fact that our client was a startup, the team offered very competitive working conditions. Among them were remote job with the ability to work from anywhere in the world and a market salary.
Nevertheless, the task wasn't quite simple. The main difficulty was the position itself. We needed to find more than just a highly sought-after Golang developer. The specialist also should:
  • 1
    have vast experience (Senior);
  • 2
    strive to develop at GameDev sphere;
  • 3
    be ready to work in a young startup that has only one released game under its belt.

Tech talents recruitment: how we filled the vacancy?

he key to the success of filling any tech job opening is fast and well-coordinated work. In the case of finding a Go developer, this is a must-have condition. Any delay increases the risk of missing a worthy candidate. Thus, in order not to miss none worthy specialist, we worked at a rate of knots :)

Our IT recruiter Valeriya, who worked on the vacancy, threw all her efforts into searching for candidates, promptly providing specialists' CVs.

As a recruitment agency, we also depend on the speed of the client's work. Any delay on the part of the client company seriously complicates the processes, but here we were fortunate: our client considered all the candidates' CVs as quickly as possible.

A small number of recruiting stages did their part: candidates remained motivated enough to pass all the hiring steps and quickly reached the offer stage.

To hire software developers: result

In total, we processed 114 CVs of candidates, conducted 14 interviews with specialists. Our client made two candidates an offer, and one of them accepted it. Today the specialist is successfully working on creating a game server :)
It is noteworthy that the client, understanding the realities of the market, showed flexibility in everything. The candidate found by our team lives in Thailand and doesn't have the opportunity to move to another country. Despite the difference in time zones, the client wasn't scared off and, moreover, made concessions to the candidate, offering to work by a contract of civil-legal nature.

Key Success Factors

  • Speed
    Quick work while filling a vacancy is at least 40% of success, and in the case of finding Go developers - 70%. Two stages of the interview and the mutually operational work of our team and the customer's team allowed us to quickly fill the vacancy without losing a single suitable candidate.
  • Flexibility
    The willingness to consider candidates from all over the world is a significant advantage of the company. By choosing this path, companies only benefit, because they get more worthy candidates.

    Realizing the difficulties of finding a specialist on Golang position and the weaknesses of the opening, the client resorted to this move and, as a result, got an excellent specialist for the team!
  • Partnership
    We always say: the Lucky Hunter recruitment team and the client are always partners. Working together, mutually motivating and quickly considering each candidate, the client and we are doomed to success. So and in no other way, a happy end of any business is possible.
  • Lucky Hunter professionalism
    Valeriya, like any Lucky Hunter specialist, is a master of her craft. Qualified work with a variety of recruiting channels, the ability to understand the needs of candidates and know how to motivate each of them, knowing the market, courtesy, quick and well-coordinated work with the customer, hard work, perseverance and a thousand other skills - is exactly what distinguishes our team and guarantees quality tech recruiting service.
This case is yet more proof that IT recruiting is not magic.
If you quickly consider candidates, understand the realities of the market, are ready to be flexible during the selection process and pay heed to the recommendations of your faithful partners, you will definitely fill any tech vacancy.

Contact IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter. We will quickly find for you even the rarest Golang developers, and if you have a startup, we will provide cool discounts. We are waiting for your requests!

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