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IT staff recruitment: how to find two Senior .NET Developers for an American startup in 3 weeks?

Our mini-team lead IT recruiter Valeriya and junior recruiter Karina are currently working on the technical recruitment for a foreign company: the client needs to find a senior .NET developer and a teamlead.

There are three job openings for each position, so at the moment the work continues, but our recruiters have already managed to find two candidates who have accepted job offers and are starting to work. How did Valeriya and Karina manage to fill two job openings at once in a short time? Read the case below :)

The task and difficulties

About a month ago, a client asked us to find several IT specialists at once — it was necessary to find three .NET team leaders and three senior .NET developers. The American project once started as a startup, but at the time of our cooperation it was already actively developing. The company was an e-commerce platform for the sale of products of a certain type for B2B (for example, large stores) and B2C.

The job openings had their own features:
  • 1
    A potential senior candidate was expected to have an impressive professional experience with architecture, web frameworks, high-load platforms, code optimization and various microservices. For .NET teamlead it was vital to have also high management skills.
  • 2
    Due to the unusual innovative product of the company, some candidates were wary of the project, since they had not encountered it before.
  • 3
    The working conditions offered by the founder of the startup included a time tracker that tracked how much time the team members spent on tasks — it was important for the company to track overwork, if any takes place, and compensate it to an employee.
Nevertheless, many IT specialists treat the practice of time tracking more negatively than positively, which also narrowed the circle of potential candidates — one of the specialists, having already accepted the offer and even started working in the company, refused to cooperate precisely because of the presence of a tracker;

How we filled the vacancy?

However, the rest of the conditions were absolutely relevant: our client offered remote work from anywhere in the world, competitive salary, bonuses and the opportunity to participate in the creation of a breakthrough product in an international team. In addition, taking into consideration that all the job openings of the customer required remote work, it was possible not to limit our search to a specific region, but to look for candidates in various countries.

Therefore, while working on the job opening, Valeriya and Karina used all possible recruitment channels to reach the greatest number of candidates: they used the Lucky Hunter database, recruiting services like AmazingHiring and , LinkedIn and some channels in messengers.
At the moment, we have filled two job openings: one of the candidates has already started his work and the second has accepted the job offer and starts working after the holidays.
Both of the candidates expressed their readiness to relocate quickly if such need arises — realizing that the world situation is changing very quickly now, the client stressed at the start of cooperation that he would be ready to help with relocation.

The company did not have any relocation packages, however, the founders behaved as flexible as possible and were ready to offer different variants for individual help in each specific situation.

Now we are actively working on filling the remaining job opemings and finalizing the staffing of the team.

Key Success Factors

  • The principle of partnership
    The customer listened to our recommendations and agreed that the presence of a time tracker can be a negative factor, so he decided to discuss this moment individually with each candidate at the final interview.
  • Thorough study of all possible recruiting channels
    Our mini-team actively worked with the database, promptly reviewed a lot of CVs and conducted an impressive number of interviews in a short time.
  • Lucky Hunter professionalism
    Valeriya and Karina, realizing that the product offered by the client has its own specifics, focused on interesting tasks, favorable working conditions and prospects, which could motivate and interest even those candidates who were skeptical at first.

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