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IT staff recruitment: how to find 2 IOS and 2 Android Developers for a tech company in 14 days?

According to StackOverflow data, Mobile Developers are in the list of the TOP 5 most popular tech specialities. Moreover, every fifth Mobile App Developer is actively looking for a job. The conclusion suggests itself: finding an IOS / Android developer for a project is no more difficult than finding a Junior-developer ready to receive a salary of a Mid-level specialist. Or is it?

Spoiler: of course not, especially if the specialist is to start working within two weeks after the job opening discussion.

In this article, we'll tell you how our technical recruitment agency managed to hire four Mobile Developers for an IT company in just 14 days.

Technical recruitment: the task and difficulties

Recently an American company has contacted us to find two Android and two IOS developers. The employer offered remote work, so at first sight, it seemed that the task was among simple ones.

In fact, the requirements of the client turned out to be very tough:
  • 1
    we had only 14 days to fill the vacancy from the moment we'd got the job order;
  • 2
    all four specialists were supposed to start working on the same day;
  • 3
    specialists were required to be of a Middle+level;
  • 4
    the client didn't consider candidates that had to work for more than a week after they'd accepted the offer, even if they were perfect candidates.

You think it's difficulties?

You might think: is it really that hard to find a few Mobile App developers in 2 weeks? It's a trendy job, and the remote working format will definitely be a benefit! In fact, this is a very difficult task, and here's why:
  • 1
    Middle or Senior-level IT professionals already work for other companies and according to the Russian labour code, a specialist can't simply quit a job. Before leaving a company, they need to work for at least two weeks or, in some cases, a month.
  • 2
    It takes at least one week for a developer to consider a job offer, go through several selection stages, and finally accept the offer.

So, it turned out that the ordinary task for Lucky Hunter became a really challenging one. We believe that everything is possible in recruiting, so we signed up for the challenge and managed to fill the positions in a record time!

Tech talents recruitment:
how we managed to do this?

Step #1

First, considering the task as an urgent, we bent every effort to fill these vacancies.

We understood that the fate of the project depended on the speed of our work: if specialists had started working too late, the client would have risked to fail their product launch.

To meet the deadline we used maximum available resources: two professional IT Recruiters worked on the vacancy while part of their daily tasks was delegated to other employees.

Step #2

Secondly, we've defined the candidates' profile and based on the result, we've identified the TOP-4 key advantages of the client company.

The key benefits turned out to be:
  • remote work;
  • work at an international company;
  • breakthrough project;
  • contract-based salary.


By sifting through more than 30 CVs and sending more than 20 emails every day, we managed to find 284 candidates and conducted 99 interviews. In just 8 days, the client selected best candidates, 4 of them received job offers and successfully joined the client's team.
Both the Lucky Hunter recruiters' and the client's motivation of the candidates prompted many specialists to accept the offer.

Success Factors

  • The joint motivation of recruiters and the customer
    If you still think that the right motivation plays a secondary role in hiring, then we'll answer that it's competent communication and the ability to interest the candidate that helped to effectively cope with the task.

    We'll also highlight the client's work on motivation: the customer was so passionate about the project that during the interview he literally inspired each candidate, talking about the features of the work, the project, the team. After the interview, all the candidates gave positive feedback about communication. We are very grateful to the client for realizing his role in the successful filling of the opening.

If you want to fill an IT role quickly and find a cool specialist, motivate them to accept exactly your offer. Believe me, your (not your clients', recruiters', cat's or mom's, but yours!) passion for the project is one of the key factors of effective recruiting.

  • Clients' partnership approach
    The customer's quick feedback also played a huge role in the positions' filling. The client was ready to communicate with candidates at any time, considered the CVs quickly, and sometimes worked at night to meet the deadline.
  • Lucky Hunter professionalism
    The key to success here is expertise in recruitment. If you want to succeed in hiring the best talents, you need to understand the candidate's profile, be aware of the main trends on the IT market and candidates' priorities.
It's interesting to note that in two weeks we found not only four Mobile Developers but also recruited two PHP specialists for the customer's company. But that's a completely different story :)

Real Benefits of Hiring

Hiring the right staff is just the beginning of achieving success. It is crucial that new team members bring positive outcomes to the company. With our help, this company hired four mobile developers who have resulted in the following benefits:
  • Increased development speed
    The company has shortened their time-to-market.
  • Increased versatility
    The company creates apps that work seamlessly, thus expanding its reach and customer base.
  • Revenue growth
    The company has been able to develop more apps, leading to a 15% increase in revenue in just six months.
  • Enhanced innovation
    The new mobile developers have introduced fresh ideas and technologies that have allowed the company to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Improved team morale
    The new hires have brought a positive attitude and work ethic to the team, which has boosted overall morale and productivity.

Contact IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter: we know how to motivate even the most sceptical candidates to accept your offer. We'll show you the first candidates just after four days after the job opening discussion and help you find software developers quickly.

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