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IT Staff Recruitment: How We Found a Senior Flutter Developer in 2 weeks

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Finding IT specialists for a startup requires a unique approach, considering the ever-evolving nature of such companies. Startups operate in a dynamic environment where flexibility and adaptability to change are essential for success. When searching for IT specialists for startups, it’s important to focus on specialists who can work effectively in uncertain conditions, react quickly to changes, and are prepared for a less conventional workday.

Today, we’re excited to share a success story. In just two weeks, our Lead IT Recruiter, Valeria Soboleva, and IT Recruiter, Karina Kovalenok, found a Flutter developer who joined our client’s team seamlessly and quickly rose to a Lead position.

Finding Flutter developer: Task and difficulties

At the end of last year, an international startup reached out to us with a notable challenge: to  find a Senior Flutter developer whom the company could swiftly elevate to a team lead role.
Flutter is a framework designed for developing mobile applications using Dart. It allows the creation of cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS by leveraging a unified codebase. It not only simplifies the development process but also ensures high performance.


  • 1
    Above and beyond a senior-level
    We weren't just looking for an experienced programmer – we were searching for a potential lead who could independently analyse, set tasks, and generate ideas.
  • 2
    Extensive Flutter experience
    The client required approximately 3-4 years of commercial experience, including at least three years of work in native development.
  • 3
    Advanced Soft Skills
    Advanced soft skills are crucial when hiring IT professionals for startups. The candidate needs to be genuinely enthusiastic about the product and able to connect with the CEO, tech lead, product manager, and other team members.
Finding a Senior professional with that "fire in the eyes" is no easy task, but that's precisely the kind of expectation that comes from every startup :)

The client proposed standard startup conditions:

  • Remote work
  • A mixed team from different time zones
  • Salary in dollars
  • B2B contract
However, when we started working on the vacancy, we faced two main challenges:
In startups, things do change rapidly. We experienced this during the work process and had to pause the search for a while: there were changes in the tech lead and organisational structures. Moreover, initially, we were looking for a specialist to work on a completely new project. Later on, we shifted back to finding a professional for an existing product that needed a major overhaul and design changes. These scenarios are typical for startups, where requirements and tasks can change within a day.
Flutter is a relatively recent technology, with its first stable version launched at the end of 2018. So, identifying a Senior Flutter developer with over five years of experience is practically impossible, as the framework started gaining popularity only around 2020. In this context, we were looking at candidates with a robust technical background in native development (iOS or Android) who had shifted to cross-platform development using Flutter in the last few years.

IT staff recruitment: How we filled the vacancy

As usual, we started the search by defining the candidate profile. We were looking for a seasoned professional ready to tackle challenges and build things from the ground up. In addition, it was essential for the specialist to connect well with the team and have a genuine interest in the product.

Given the scarcity of Flutter developers with over five years of experience in the market, we also explored Senior Android and iOS developers, as well as experts proficient in other cross-platform technologies like React Native. However, a strong track record of commercial experience with Flutter was also highly valued. We considered professionals with at least three years of hands-on experience with this technology.

We used LinkedIn, Telegram, and the Lucky Hunter database to identify the needed candidate. Thanks to the combined efforts of two recruiters, we expanded the candidate pool pretty quickly. Within two weeks, we reviewed more than 120 resumes, sent 98 emails, and conducted nine interviews.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the vacancy statistics:

In the end, the finalist successfully navigated through all the selection stages and received an offer, which they accepted.

Key Success Factors

  • Defining the Profile
    We successfully defined a candidate profile, streamlining the search for a specialist who could blend technical expertise with strong communication skills.
  • Partnership Principle
    The client offered timely feedback, even amidst the company's changes.
  • The professionalism of Lucky Hunter
    With expertise and experience, our recruiters built an effective search and motivation strategy, filling the vacancy in just two weeks.
At Lucky Hunter, we understand the unique difficulties and challenges startups face in hiring. Learn more about our partnership conditions tailored for startups.


In the end, our collaboration was a great success. We onboarded the candidate in April this year, and by October, they had moved into a Lead position. What’s noteworthy is that we’re now working with him as a client, actively searching for a Flutter developer to join his team.

At Lucky Hunter, we fill various IT positions, including executive roles. Learn more about our services and fill out the form; we'll get back to you promptly.

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