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IT staff recruitment: how to find three Java Developers or why it's beneficial to offer remote work?

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Do you need a Java developer in your team because you're launching a new project? Or are you're actively expanding your existing team of developers and searching for a specialist who'll fit perfectly in with it?

Look no further: recently, the Lucky Hunter IT recruiters helped find three Senior Java developers for an IT company that creates complex banking systems.

Technical recruiters Valeriya and Maria explain, how we succeeded, and what the main key to success was.

Tech staff recruitment: the task

Our technical recruitment agency's task was to find three Senior-level Java developers on the Fraud project. Despite the fact that the customer didn't lay down serious time limits, the prompt vacancy filling is what our team is famous for. Therefore, we used every effort to select candidates in a short period of time.

Technical recruitment: challenges

Having discussed the job opening with the customer, we realized: the task that we had to solve was quite challenging. Work in the company didn't imply telework for specialists, and the salary range wasn't higher than the market average. In addition, the project had a lot of legacy.

We understood that the advantages of the customer's company weren't competitive on the IT market, so we approached the problem solution under the slogan "The principle of partnership with the customer and the professionalism of the Lucky Hunter IT recruiters is the main ticket to success."

How we filled the position: steps

To achieve the best results, we decided that not one, but two Lucky Hunter IT recruiters would be working on the vacancy filling. Our joint work allowed us to process more than 300 CVs and conduct 19 technical interviews in a short time.

The joint work also revealed the main difficulty of the task: specialists of this level weren't ready to consider the position because the working conditions of the company didn't have significant advantages over the current place of work.

Additional search channels for recruiting that Lucky Hunter has (our own candidate database, the Amazing Hiring service, Telegram channels) turned to be ineffective for a simple reason: IT recruiting is not magic, and if the working conditions don't conform to the requirements, it will be very difficult to find a specialist.

The salary that the company could offer wasn't higher than the salary already earned by the candidates, while the conditions didn't have competitive advantages. In such cases, the client should either increase the salary or lower the requirements for the candidate.

By showing statistics from the CRM system and identifying a bottleneck in the selection, we convinced the customer to change the job requirements. The client agreed to provide remote work to specialists.

The result wasn't long in coming: in just a week we managed to fill the vacancy for the position of Senior Java Developer. The in-house HRs of the company that were working on the job opening filling along with Lucky Hunter also found twoJava developers after the requirements change.
At first glance, it seems that the case wasn't entirely successful in the Lucky Hunter practice: the team filled only one position out of three, the rest is the merit of in-house HRs. Besides, we won't hide it: at the moment, we continue to search for two Java Team leaders for the customer's company (positions involve office work).

Why are we telling you about this case? Everything's simple here:
  • This case is unique
    One non-critical change in the conditions made it possible to fill the opening in a matter of days, and in this case, it doesn't matter who did it: Lucky Hunter recruiters or in-house HR managers. It's important that the Lucky Hunter team was able to accurately determine the needs of candidates that our customer could satisfy.
  • We aren't afraid of being honest with you
    Any experience teaches us something new, and we are happy to share it with you. Perhaps this case will help you look at the situation from a different angle and quickly fill the job opening, from which your hair stands on end.

Case: 3 main Lucky Hunter findings

  • Partnership and flexibility
    The principle of partnership with the customer and a flexible approach to the problem solution is a key success factor in IT recruiting. We won't tire of saying that joint work with the customer is the key to success in filling even the most difficult jobs. The ability to listen and hear IT recruiters, flexibility and willingness to change requirements turn a seemingly impossible task into an ordinary case and allow you to fill the position in a short time.
  • Remote work
    Remote work remains the TOP-1 among the most attractive conditions and motivates even the most experienced and cool tech talents to consider exactly your offer. Offering remote employment, you can hire tech talents quickly.
  • The Lucky Hunter expertise
    The Lucky Hunter team are professionals who don't believe in the impossible tasks. The knowledge of the IT market and the ability to put the right emphasis while selecting tech specialists helped us once again: we know that the job opening can only be filled if the requirements match the conditions. And even if the company can't offer a higher salary, we know that there are other, no less attractive conditions, and in each case they are different.

Tired of searching for a professional for more than a month? Contact Lucky Hunter: we'll discuss requirements with you, talk about the market situation, offer the best options, and reveal the advantages of your company. We'll find the first candidates within 4 days after the job opening discussion.

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