Tech recruitment: how we found a Senior Golang Developer from South Korea for a British startup in 10 days

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We often say that talent search knows no boundaries. This is true: we work all over the world and help teams find candidates in any country. Recently, another case was added to our portfolio, and we want to share it today — in just 10 days we managed to fill the job opening of a senior Golang developer for a British startup. Interesting? Then read on!

Task and difficulties

A month ago, a client approached us with a request to do tech recruitment: he needed to hire a Golang developer. The startup was developing digital business solutions and was now at the scaling stage. Even though specialization in general is not the rarest, the position had several difficulties, narrowing the circle of potential candidates:
  • 1
    An experienced senior-level specialist was required.
  • 2
    Given that the project was British, the English level of the candidate was expected from B2 and above.
  • 3
    The position was urgent and required relocation to London — it was important to the customer that the candidate came to the project within a maximum of two weeks after accepting the offer and relocated in a month.
  • 4
    Due to the current situation and difficulties in bank transfers and registration, the client did not consider specialists located in unstable regions — for example, Russia or Belarus.
  • 5
    A specialist was needed for a startup, and, as we wrote earlier, not all candidates willingly consider working on start-up projects due to the lack of guarantees and stability.

How we've solved the task

In addition to the existing restrictions, in general, the client offered market conditions for vacancies: an adequate salary, relocation package (including traveling expenses compensation), bonuses, and options. So we got down to business :)
Realizing that time was short, we threw all our efforts into filling the job opening. To search for candidates, we used LinkedIn, AmazingHiring, as well as our own Lucky Hunter database: over the years of working on the international market, we managed to manually assemble a high-quality database of talented candidates of various specializations, including even the rarest IT profiles.
Another advantage of the base was that there were specialists from various regions in it — given that we are engaged in international recruiting, we have candidates from almost anywhere in the world. It was in the database that the candidates who agreed to take part in the selection were found.

The selection consisted of two stages: an initial interview with our recruiter and a technical interview with the CTO and the company's founder. When building a candidate motivation strategy, we tried to pay attention to the usefulness of the product, the international team, as well as interesting tasks that were supposed to be solved within a specific position.

There were concerns from some candidates about working in a startup in the current unstable global conditions — however, as we wrote earlier, now many startups, on the contrary, are experiencing an upsurge and flourishing, because, unlike large companies, it is easier for them to quickly reorient and adapt their processes to changing realities. It was this argument that we used: in addition, the great advantage of the client was that they had already survived the most difficult and dangerous initial stages for a startup, and moved on to active development and scaling.
Five candidates were fully selected, two of whom were offered an offer by the client, and one of the specialists accepted it.
The found candidate lived in Seoul and had extensive experience working on a project similar to the client's company, which was why he perfectly understood the specifics of the market and many processes. In addition, the specialist graduated from a university in England and was fluent in English.

The client liked the candidate so much that he was even ready to wait a little longer for his start of work since the specialist needed to have time to complete tasks and transfer cases to the current job: as a result, the candidate promptly started working part-time on the customer's project, and, four weeks later, switched to full-time employment.

Success factors

  • Having your database of candidates from all over the world
    We have talented IT specialists who speak different languages and live in different countries. We will be able to do IT recruitment and search for developers for you absolutely for any geographical request.
  • The principle of partnership
    The customer actively participated in the selection processes, promptly gave feedback, and scheduled interviews promptly. Thanks to this, we did not lose candidates due to too long selection. In addition, the client listened to our recommendations and, if necessary, agreed to any compromises.
  • Lucky Hunter's professionalism
    For many years we have been recruiting IT personnel and searching for developers not only for linear positions but also offer the Executive search service — the selection of top management in the IT industry. Our recruiters have a deep knowledge of filling top positions, know what it makes sense to focus on when building a search strategy and motivating candidates, and also understand the specifics of selecting top tech managers.

Do you need to find an IT specialist in another country? Leave a request, we will contact you to discuss your case, and erase all boundaries :)

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