IT Staffing: the best recruiting methods and trends of 2019

Where to find exceptional IT specialists? What are the ways to recruit staff? What's new in recruitment? Discussing questions in the article. Useful for employers, job applicants, IT specialists.

Recruitment methods

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It's the process of selection of highly qualified specialists who are not actively seeking a job. They are working somewhere else. In the IT field, this is the main way to select the sought-for candidates. Sometimes it is essential to fall back on the method of aggressive headhunting.
agressive headhunting
It's not just employee poaching but a whole strategy, which includes a thorough study of the specialist's corporate and personal life, the history of his place of work. To achieve success, "hunters" build trust with some of the candidate's colleagues, give them money for providing information about the candidate.

In 100% of cases, aggressive headhunting is used to entice exclusive specialists, whose qualifications and capabilities will recoup the service's cost exponentially.
The method of aggressive headhunting was first used in the 90s in the United States. At that time, the large American corporation Firstmerit bank managed to entice employees of the whole branch of the bank away from a company.

On the one hand, thanks to the high competence of new employees, Firstmerit Bank's revenues have increased, and on the other - the efficiency of a competitor's work has dropped significantly. Cruel, but effective.
Executive search
It's the enticement of rare highly skilled professionals working in other companies. The difficulty lies in the fact that they are not just not seeking a job, but also do not consider options for changing employers.

The main difference from headhunting is that the customer does not need a specific person, he needs to fill the desired job opening. Therefore, headhunting should be considered as one of the aspects of Executive Search.
For people born during the 1980s and early 1990s (Generation Y), there is a specific recruitment strategy, since they don't like staying static. For them, searching through social networks and other online media is more relevant, than for older generations. It's also useful to create referral programmes, provide flexibility for them. Recruitment agencies use such methods for more effective personnel selection.

Recruiting trends of 2019

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Modern recruiting technologies are significantly different from those that existed at the beginning of the century.

  • Online recruitment
    Paper CVs, newspaper job ads, a personal meeting with a client - all of these recruitment rules become obsolete, especially in the case of IT specialists selection. Most of the recruitment tasks can be completed online. Consequently, the physical location of the recruitment agency does not matter.

    That is why negotiations via Skype with customers and online interviews with candidates are gaining momentum. Recruiters conduct online tests, implementers introduce special IT-recruitment systems such as ATS or CVHub. However, it should be noted that in the case of mass recruitment, the old methods of recruitment remain in-demand.
  • ATS - Applicant tracking system
    These are special programs that allow recruiters to complete recruitment tasks electronically.They automate the sourcing and selection process, accelerate the process of hiring a new employee.
  • Services for tech recruiting

    There are several platforms for tech recruiting nowadays: AmazingHiring, CVHub, Read more about their difference here.
  • Social media
    The search for specialists using social networks became popular several years ago, but still, not all recruitment agencies use these search channels. This is a crucial mistake.

    Search for candidates via social media channels is relevant in the IT sphere. IT specialists rarely upload their CVs on job search portals, while in online communities, social networks, on forums they reveal information about themselves, which allows recruiters to find needed IT professionals.
Interestingly, popular apps and sites designed for romantic dating (such as Tinder) are a useful adjunct in the world of recruitment. Sometimes it's not so easy to reach out to a candidate, and through such dating apps, it is easier to get feedback.
  • Boolean search
    Few people know that Google's search results can be more relevant when using special operators. For example, AND operator makes Google search show in the results all the pointed keywords.

    The OR operator is needed to cover all possible names of one category. The "-" attribute is used to exclude an unnecessary phrase from the search. There are also such operators as: " " - shows the exact phrase you are looking for. () - groups part of the request, site - searches within a specific site, intitle - searches inside titles.

Lucky Hunter Specificity

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Lucky Hunter Team:
  • carries out selective recruitment, by using all recruitment trends;
  • saves your time by providing services remotely;
  • finds the best candidates thanks to the knowledge of recruitment methods.
Currently, less than 20% of agencies use recruitment innovations. Lucky Hunter is among them.
If you need to fill an IT job opening, feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you.
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