IT Recruitment Agency Lucky Hunter:
our History, Principles, Aims

Lucky Hunter
The Lucky Hunter team got to work in December 2017. For more than a year the small but very cool team has been successfully recruiting IT specialists all over the world. We work together both with young start-up companies and major identifiable brands, such as Yandex.
Our Operating Principles
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Our niche - experts in the IT sphere and related areas. The narrow focus of our agency provides a high-quality selection of candidates. To recruit staff is only half the battle, to know the specificity of the proposed position is a prerequisite for success.
We provide the first candidates within 4 days after the removal of the vacancy (i.e. obligating a requisition). We always meet the deadline.
There are no former clients, as well as former candidates. We build trust in relationships, create a strong friendship with the customer and candidates. Long-term cooperation is the main demonstration of our abilities.
IT Recruiting is a complex service, and IT recruiters are hard-working, persistent guys. The literate personnel selection, delicate psychology, technical skill - all these qualities the Lucky Hunter team successfully combines. We speak the same language as the experts. Therefore, we quickly and competently select the best.
Flexible pricing
We do not have a rigid price framework. We understand that the budget, the specifics and the scope of the project are individual for each company. We always communicate openly with the customer, and to young and perspective startups we offer maximum discounts.
We understand the importance of giving feedback. Therefore, we maintain a dialogue with the client throughout the project. We work openly and honestly. In the case of a decrease in the candidate flow, we certainly provide the statistics from the CRM system in order to understand which of the stages eliminates the greatest number of candidates, correct the search and jointly change the selection process.
We are well versed in our field and perform our duties conscientiously. We do not know what an impossible task is. Sometimes up to 30 agencies are working concurrently with us for one position. But considering that we are confident in the quality of our services, as well as that we definitely fill your job opening, we do not take prepayments. We have nothing to fear.
There are no impossible tasks in recruiting, everything rests on the time and recruiter's perseverance.
Tatiana Melnichuk
The founder and the ideological inspirer of the company

Who are we working for?

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Our agency is what you need if:
  • You have challenging and interesting job opportunities;
  • You are developing intensively and stay strong in the pursuit of your goals;
  • You want to find a partner for many years to come.
We cooperate with all companies that require IT specialists. Size, name, country do not matter.
Our aim is to help teams from all over the world and worthy candidates find each other, grow and develop together. If you want the same, we are going the same way.
And if you are looking for someone who would help you fill an IT vacancy, consider that you have found :) We are waiting for your requests!
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