What to choose: indivudial search for tech staff or contacting an IT recruitment agency?

You have an open IT position, but you don't understand is there any use of contacting an IT recruitment agency, because you have your own HR department?

Realizing that it's not always possible for a company to find an answer to this question, we've decided to prepare a separate guide for you. The guide will reveal the main criteria according to which you'll understand the best option for your specific case.
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Search duration as the main criterion

When deciding whether it is worth in your case to ask an IT recruitment agency help you with in the IT staff selection, first of all answer the question: how long can't you fill a vacancy?

On average, it takes about three weeks to fill an ordinary IT vacancy. If you've been looking for a specialist for longer, this means that you are faced with one of the three key IT recruiting issues:
  • 1
    The HR department of your company is overloaded with a large number of tasks, and there is no time left to fill some other positions;
  • 2
    Your recruiters don't have sufficient qualifications in the field of IT recruitment;
  • 3
    You have a rare or highly demanded IT position.
If you can't fill the role because your HR professionals have too many irons in the fire, you may think about expanding your team.

Such a solution solves the problem in some cases, but we still recommend looking towards increasing the staff only if you have a large number of vacancies open or if you plan to scale your business in the future by attracting new specialists.

For the sake of one or two vacancies, such a solution will be less profitable than working with an IT recruitment company, and here's why:
  • It's more expensive
    Paying a full-time employee is often more expensive than filling a vacancy with the help of an agency. For example, we at Lucky Hunter select IT specialists on average for a remuneration of 19% of the annual income of the found employee. At the same time, we guarantee a single-time free replacement of a candidate, and we also work without prepayments.
  • It takes more time
    Looking for a new employee is another open position in your company. The hiring process can drag on for a few more weeks (at its best). In addition, keep in mind that a new employee will need to work at a previous job for 2 weeks, spend some time to get involved in the processes of your company, which will result in a longer search for an IT specialist than cooperation with an IT recruitment company.
If you are faced with insufficient competence of your recruiters or you have a rare and challenging position, this is a direct reason to contact an IT recruitment company.
It turns out that if you can fill the role for more than a month, it makes sense to think about contacting an IT recruitment company or find a freelance recruiter (it all depends on your capabilities and goals).
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When to fill the tech role on your own?

It's logical that you should try to fill a vacancy on your own if you have just started the search, and it is too early to draw conclusions about an unsuccessful result. Perhaps your HR team can handle the recruitment of a new employee on their own.

Also, individual search is the right strategy when you don;t need to fill a vacancy in a short time. If you are ready to spend several months on IT selection, realizing that this will not affect your business processes in any way, you can try it yourself. There's a good chance that you'll be able to successfully find a great candidate without having to pay agency fees.
Still, keep in mind: if your team has never recruited IT specialists before, you have a rather specific position, or you need to quickly find an IT specialist for the team, it makes sense to consider contacting a contractor immediately after a vacancy opens. This will significantly save time and helps to fill the right IT vacancy without consequences for your business.
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To sum up

Independent selection of an IT specialist is possible in cases when:
  • You just opened a position and you can't make predictions about the difficulties you may face when filling the vacancy on your own;
  • You have a team of experienced IT HR recruiters;
  • You have plenty of time to fill the role.
If you feel that your specialists don't have enough competencies or time, and you haven't been able to fill an IT vacancy for more than a month, we recommend contacting an IT recruitment agency.
Working together with an IT recruitment agency solves each of the problems of hiring a new IT employee. The high competence of IT recruiters, the ability to work on a record pace as well as deep specialization and understanding of the IT market guarantee the quick and successful hiring of any, even the rarest IT specialist.
On average, our agency filles an ordinary IT vacancy in 15 days, and if it is an Executive Search - in 24. In addition, working with Lucky Hunter, you don't risk anything: we work without prepayments, and we also guarantee a single-time replacement of an employee in within 60 days after the employee starts working.
Therefore, if you can't fill a vacancy for more than a month, this is pause for thought about why this is happening, and ideally, contact our Lucky Hunter agency! We will help you with filling even the most difficult vacancy!
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