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The holiday season is nearly over and that means a golden time in recruiting has begun. Any experienced IT recruiter will tell you that autumn is the most pleasant time for hiring IT specialists, and therefore for us at Lucky Hunter it is the most productive and dynamic period :)

We prepared wisely for such a vigorous time in recruiting: we had a good time at a corporate party, went on a picnic, went on holiday, celebrated several anniversaries and a birthday.

Life at Lucky Hunter is in full swing but first things first: let's talk about our news in our traditional herald.
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While recruiting specialists for the largest IT companies in Russia, such as Tinkoff, Yandex, Sbermarket, we are actively continuing to work on the international market.
This is good news: when selecting IT specialists for companies from all over the world, we not only confirm the status of an international company but also spread our unique methodology, thanks to which the quality of Western IT recruiting will be able to reach a new level.
Meet Our new clients
  • Customuse
    A platform that helps designers create and sell their design in popular games (like The Sims 4) and in AR/VR environments.
  • Chattermill
    A British IT company that has developed a platform for collecting, tracking and analyzing customer reviews for companies from all over the world. Among the users of the platform is Uber.
  • Big Data Solutions
    An American company that develops a high-performance, enterprise-wide solution for tick data collection, management and research.
  • Put It Forward
    An American company that has developed a special platform for storing, processing and managing data.
  • Embria
    Embria develops technology for the streamlined creation of companies — from a start-up idea to business scaling. Embria was founded in 2007. Its team helps to create and develop Internet companies of any profile.


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We do not stop actively growing and developing, filling Lucky Hunter with new cool and ambitious specialists. Recently, a wonderful Julia has joined our ranks. She took the position of the company's Content Manager.

Now you will read even more cool articles on our blog, find more news about us in the media. We think this is a great reason to start following us in our social networks if, for some inexplicable reason, you have not done it yet :)
Julia Khaldina, the Lucky Hunter Content Manager
By the way, Julia has already written her first blog post, talking about exciting non-IT areas that are also in high demand for cool developers.
We would also like to share the successes of our young researcher Alika. Quite recently, Alika, together with our Lead recruiter Daria, filled her first vacancy. We are proud of the success of our feisty colleagues :)


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In August, we had two hot events at Lucky Hunter at once: a year of work at Lucky Hunter of our IT recruiter Alina and three years of work of our Lead recruiter Valeria.

We congratulate our girls on such significant dates, we are proud of their professionalism and believe that many more cool anniversaries await us!
The Lucky Hunter IT Recruiter
Alina Murashova
Valeria Soboleva
The Lucky Hunter Lead Recruiter

Joint activities

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In addition to the regular movie nights, we managed to go for a picnic in July, where we took some hot summer photos and went boating on the bay.

But, as they say, less talk, more photos :) Sharing our cool photos with you, reminding you and yourself of hot summer days.

Other news

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1. Terms of cooperation with Lucky Hunter
Developing professionally continuously, we understand that we are becoming one of the top-class agencies not only in Russia but all over the world. Therefore, we decided to increase the cost of our services.
Now, filling an "ordinary" IT position will cost you at least 18% of the employee's annual income. The minimum cost of filling exclusive positions is 21% of the employee's annual income.
In addition, realizing that the IT market is constantly changing, and complete with it, some formats of cooperation are also changing, we have changed the terms of providing a candidate replacement guarantee.

Now the period during which we provide a free single-time replacement of a candidate who's quit our client's company for some reason is 60 days from the moment the specialist starts working for the client's company.
These small changes have already entered into force, but we assure you: such changes not only meet the market "rules" but are also relevant to the quality of services we provide to our clients.
2. Publication in Forbes Councils
  • Do you remember that in our last herald, we said that our dear boss Tanya is now an official Forbes Councils member? So, she has already published her first publication, which we advise you to read :)
Tatiana talked about trends in the tech market and the optimal strategies for building a strong HR brand in 2021.
3. TEDx talks. Kazan
  • We also made a cool new TEDx video. We tried very hard to make the performance exciting, interesting and, of course, useful for you. We will not reveal the topic, follow our news on social networks :)


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The key aim of Lucky Hunter today is to reach a completely new level in every sense. We are actively working to improve the media profile of our company, while not forgetting that the task of any successful business is to be socially responsible, to help people, making the life of each of us a little better :)
Therefore, very soon, together with the "Zeleniy Petersburg" Foundation, we will launch a mass campaign to make our beloved city more eco-friendly, providing green spaces on its streets.
And, of course, we will continue to expand, conquer the world of IT recruiting, and develop the CVHub project.
Do you want to fill an IT vacancy? Contact us: we will help you to fill any, even the rarest position!
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