"I've decided to be an IT Recruiter because I really like Telegram"

IT recruiting is a complex profession that requires hard work, diligence and deep knowledge of the IT market. Lucky Hunter is a serious company that works only with serious clients. The Lucky Hunter team are true professionals with an exacting attitude towards the business and show a strong dislike to dilettantes in the workplace.

To prove it to you, the Lucky Hunter Content Manager has interviewed the agency's experts. On the agenda are IT recruiting and the intricacies of this profession.
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Continue the phrase...

The first task offered to the Lucky Hunter team was to continue the phrase. Let's see, how they coped with the task.
  • IT recruiting isn't suitable for those who ...
The second question could discredit our team, but the deep experience of working with people helped to uncover researchers' plan and didn't allow them to spoil the Lucky Hunter recruiters' reputation in the eyes of clients. Here's the question:
  • You slept through the interview with the candidate. What you'll do then?
For the successful completion of the third task, it was necessary, as in the first case, to continue the phrase. Let's see how our specialists coped with the task.
  • You come home from work with a sense of accomplishment if...
  • What is the most common question from candidates?
We've included the next question for a reason. This is the "pain" of IT recruiters, which the Lucky Hunter specialists are going to generously solve right now!
  • How do you make a candidate reply to your email?
  • And a million-dollar question: I've chosen the profession of an IT recruiter, because….
Thank you for reading our survey. We know for sure that now you have no doubts about who to contact to fill a tech opening :) We are waiting for your applications!
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