Instagram Masks for the Lucky Ones

We at Lucky Hunter are not used be in arrearages of trends: we create sticker packs, make videos, have Twitter, but recently we've upped the ante and made our personal masks on Instagram. Three cool backgrounds, face tune, the third eye on your face in order to attract the luck.

The masks have suited our taste. One link to a profile is not enough: we'll tell you the history of masks creation, show you some cool video ideas, and, of course, share a link to our Instagram profile where you can personally use the masks :)
Tilda Publishing

Why We Created a Mask

We like to create stories on Instagram. We also like our logo. And our faces in stories against the background of the logo are just awesome!

Just kidding. Of course, this isn't the main reason (although quite a significant one). The main reason for a mask creation lies in our passion for something new and unknown. We love to create, invent, build cool and unusual things. It especially heartens us when we do all this for you.
Tilda Publishing

Why we've chosen these backgrounds

In total, we've created three backgrounds: moneyed, flamy and magic.
  • Money
    This background symbolizes accepted offers and the wealth that stems from them :)
  • Fire
    It's our permanent state. Calls. Interviews. Clients. In a word, if you want to see a real fire, you don't have to go to the west of the USA, you can visit a cosy office on Naberezhnaya Reki Karpovki 5 :)
  • Magic
    It's our essence. We've already told you once that we are sorceresses. How else do you think we manage to fill the most difficult positions? True magic.
Tilda Publishing

Favorite masks of the Lucky Hunter team

Masks were created for us by the breath-taking and inimitable Olya. If you want to make your own mask - contact this wonderful master!
You can find and try Lucky Hunter masks on in our account. And if you aren't following us yet, do it as soon as possible, otherwise, we'll voodoo you!
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