Ancient Greek gods
in IT recruiting today

Once we tried to imagine what use ancient Greek myths could find in IT recruiting. Today we will continue to discuss this topic, but from a slightly different perspective — let's think about what would have happened if the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece had turned out to be in modern recruiting realities. They would definitely have to change their specializations — what would they become? :)


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Let's start, of course, with the most important of the pantheon of ancient Greek gods. So, meet the great and terrible Zeus the Thunderer, the lord of lightning and the personification of the merciless and indomitable sky. Do you hear those thunderclaps? This is Zeus tearing up and rushing in response to the appeals of a frustrated and enraged IT recruiter, who has just learned that at the last minute the client decided to fill the job opening with internal human resources, although the recruiter had already spent much effort searching for candidates.


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Nevertheless, in the cruel and merciless world of modern IT recruiting, a huge number of job openings are often put on pause, and some of them are completely removed. The reasons may be very different — the company decided to prioritize hiring IT specialists of a different profile, managed to fill the job opening on its own and the services of a recruiting agency are no longer required, or external circumstances have changed, and the team does not yet have the resources to expand. In this case, such vacancies find their home in the kingdom of Hades.

If you go through his possessions, you can see hundreds of various job openings — here someone was looking for a Java developer, a product analyst was needed there, and this vacancy required searching for two senior .NET developers at once. However, everything is not so bad and fate sometimes favors such job openings, giving them a chance to leave the realm of the dead and return to the world of the living again.


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If a job opening becomes relevant again, a lot of activity immediately begins around it. Despite the fact that the IT market has changed somewhat in the light of current world events, becoming an employer's market again, and not a candidate's, some IT professions are still very popular and the demand for them does not decrease. Therefore, a real hunt for talented candidates begins — in the process of it, IT recruiters often pray to Artemis so that the goddess will help with its successful completion.


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Artemis often patronizes IT recruiters, willingly listening to their pleas, and then He appears on the path of the latter — the outstanding IT specialist that everyone talks about, but rarely sees (and even calls them "unicorns" — this is especially important if the recruiter is faced with the task of recruiting a candidate for a top-level position). This is a unique candidate with extraordinary professional experience, a non-standard stack of technologies and possessing exactly the soft skills that the client wants to see. This IT professional is competent, intelligent and polite, charming and beautiful. One word — Apollo.


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However, the chemistry between the customer and the candidate can be very insidious. Sometimes it does not occur and the candidate doesn't receive a job offer, even being an Apollo. Then the IT recruiter can only exhale deeply, gather their strength and resume the search for the necessary IT specialists for the client. At some point, the recruiter, sending a candidate to an interview with a client, begins to pray to Aphrodite that she would have mercy and send her cupids to use love charms. Aphrodite, however, willingly helps, and then a long-awaited match and job offer happens between the client and the IT specialist.


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Here she is — the victory! When the candidate receives the desired job offer, and the recruiter receives a bonus, the goddess of victory Nika is very happy: after all, how sweet is this taste of victory.


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It's time to drink for success. Dionysus readily helps both parties at once to have fun and moderate drinking of wine: both the happy IT recruiter and the candidate. It's not for nothing — those who work well, have a good rest. Moreover, tomorrow everything will return to normal and the IT recruiting cycle will continue anew.
Do you need an Apollo? It's great — our recruiters will fly to Olympus and send you the first divine CVs in 4 days. We are waiting for your inquiries!
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