TOP 4 myths about the work of IT recruitment agencies

When we only started to keep our blog, we dispelled several myths about IT recruiting. The most common of them is the belief that recruiting agencies show "more expensive" candidates in order to receive a higher payment for the service.

However, this is not the only misconception about the work of IT recruitment companies. Many people are also convinced that there are a lot of incompetent recruiters working at agencies, believe that agencies are not worried about the HR brand of their clients, and are also sure that the main aim we pursue in work is filling a vacancy as soon as possible.

That's why in our new article we decided to tell you why these beliefs have nothing to do with reality.

Myth # 1: IT recruiting has a low entry threshold, which means that many recruiters are incompetent

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We understand where it's all coming from. Indeed, today there are a lot of online schools that teach the profession of an IT recruiter from scratch within two months, and they promise that graduates will become professionals already during the learning process. In addition, some IT pros still meet recruiters unable to distinguish Java from JavaScript.
We hasten to tell you the good news: over the past year, IT recruiting has become a profession in which it is quite impossible to hold out for a long time without deep knowledge of the tech market. The IT industry has become a veritable battleground where IT companies compete for every candidate, and incompetent IT recruiters simply can't handle the complexities of the job.
IT recruitment agencies take particular care over personnel selection. If in IT companies there is a rather narrow stack of technologies and a limited number of concepts that an IT recruiter should master, then in the agency the situation is somewhat different.
External IT recruiters work with a wide variety of vacancies, recruiting specialists from different areas of the tech field.
Therefore, today, due to the tightening of the situation in the IT market, a good IT recruitment agency, which is worried about its reputation and the reputation of its clients, will only hire competent specialists.

Such specialists are deeply versed in IT terms and, of course, see the difference between Java and JavaScript :)

Even we at Lucky Hunter temporarily abandoned the idea of hiring novice recruiters and, most likely, we will return to this practice only when the young specialist has the opportunity to calmly delve into the specifics of the profession without harming the IT community.
But since the IT market is becoming more and more spontaneous and complex, by our count, this will not happen soon :)

Myth # 2: IT recruitment agencies don't care about clients' HR branding

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"Show us the letter that you are going to send to candidates" - is a request some of our clients come to us with from time to time. This happens because our clients are unsure that we will take care of maintaining a positive image of their company.
But let's think: how profitable is it for us to present the client's company under a cloud? How does this help us "sell" the job opening if we don't protect the client's HR brand? Agree, it is in our interests to create a favourable impression of our customers, otherwise, few people will be interested in the vacancy :)
In addition, we publish all vacancies on behalf of the Lucky Hunter brand. To lose our face means to destroy, first of all, our reputation, and not the reputation of our client.
And finally, we will not initially work with a company that has a dubious HR brand.
  • Firstly, it will create additional difficulties for us in the already complex work.
  • Secondly, working with such companies can leave a mark on our reputation, and, believe us, we care about it no less than about the reputation of our clients.

Myth # 3: The main goal of an IT recruitment company is to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible, to the detriment of the service quality

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Indeed, we at Lucky Hunter work as quickly as we can. Let's say more: this is our competitive advantage. We work without prepayment and with a large number of vacancies. In addition, we guarantee to provide the first candidates' CV within 4 days after the vacancy discussion.

But rest assured: this does not affect the quality of our work, and here's why:
The final decision about hiring a specialist is made by the client. It is a mistake to believe that the client does not influence hiring processes when working with recruitment companies. On the contrary, the client plays a huge role: the client selects CVs, conducts interviews, and, finally, makes an offer.
Based on this, we cannot "foist" the first candidate we come across and quickly fill the vacancy.
It turns out that we can increase the speed of selection only by improving the quality of work, and not by reducing it. Like in mathematics, direct proportionality works here and not inverse: the better we work, the faster we fill the position.
We provide a free candidate replacement guarantee. To what extent, in this case, is it profitable for us to recruit an unsuitable specialist? To be honest, we don't really like making replacements :) Therefore, we do our best to ensure that the best specialists work for our clients' companies.

Myth # 4: External and In-house IT recruiters are competitors

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For us at Lucky Hunter, every client is, first of all, our partner. This also applies to the employees of the client's company. We work in tandem with in-house recruiters helping them to fill vacancies the company employees could not manage to.

If it happens that the vacancy is filled by in-house HR specialists, we do not feel down. Yes, we will not receive payment for filling a vacancy, but we will not think that our work was done in vain.
  • First, we found a lot of new candidates, establishing useful contacts for future positions.
  • Secondly, the task is completed, which is good anyway.
We do not treat such stories negatively, because we understand that filling a vacancy is our joint task, and it is not so important who solved it
By the way, in most cases, we fill vacancies faster than in-house specialists. This is logical: we have more resources, a wider candidate base, and we have access to additional recruiting channels.
For example, not so long ago we filled a vacancy in a month, while the company had not been able to fill it for over a year. In-house recruiters weren't quite pleased with this outcome.

This caused a number of difficulties and additional approvals. But most importantly, this story showed that there are still cases when we are treated as competitors, although this is not the case at all.
Remember, we work in partnership with companies and strive to make our customers' lives better. We would like to believe that our clients think the same way because this is a key function that we serve.
We hope you now better understand how IT recruitment agencies work. And remember: our primary goal is to select the most suitable candidates, and without high-quality and hard work, it is really impossible to realize it.
And if you are looking for someone who would help you fill an IT vacancy, consider that you have found :) We are waiting for your requests!
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