What qualities should a leader have? Executive search checklist

If you have a job opening for an employee at the top management level, it is important at the start to determine not only the technical requirements and hard skills, but also to identify for yourself those personal qualities that are necessary for a candidate for this position. It stands to reason, the list of qualities may differ for each employer, since this is a rather individual issue — nevertheless, we will talk about the main qualities that are most often found in the requirements.
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Being a leader

Why is it generally important to be not just a leader, but a leader? This will make it possible to effectively manage a team, lead employees and inspire them, as well as effectively solve work tasks and build productive business communication. For efficient team management, it has long been not enough just to know the theory of management — it is necessary to develop those soft skills that will allow you to do it successfully in the 21st century.

We regularly do executive search, and over the years we have managed to find out what is most important for employers in a potential candidate in terms of personal qualities. Here is the checklist:
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Relationship building

The employee knows how to effectively build relationships not only with their team, but also with CEOs, business partners and clients as well.
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Problem solving

The employee is able to solve problems arising during the workflow, think outside of the box and try to find the optimal solution in any situation. For a leader, it is important to be proactive in this matter and ready to act at the moment, without waiting for someone to fix the problem for them.
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The employee must be objective to others and to themselves. Being able to be objective to yourself first of all is the key to success in order to give constructive feedback to other team members. If an employee clearly understands their growth areas and strengths, it will be easier for them to objectively assess this in others.
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The employee is honest with others and themselves. They know how to take responsibility for their decisions, including unsuccessful ones, and admit their mistakes.
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Openness to dialogue

The employee is always ready to listen to the team members and strives to build the most transparent communication.
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