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While the whole world is learning to live in a new way and radically changing the usual working conditions, we at Lucky Hunter are actively developing: we arrange corporate parties, increase personnel, make videos.

But first things first: in the article, we'll share the hot news with you, and of course, show you our new and cool photos!


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On our social networks, we regularly tell you about Lucky Hunter clients. These are international tech companies, small startups, and large companies which have an IT department. Over the past few months, we've started working with a lot of new clients. Among them are:
PowerPoint software;
Mobile app development company;

IZI Safety
A web platform designed to manage HSE competencies on the field;

A Linux distribution marketed to shared hosting providers.
Working with new clients, we actively provide services for long-term customers. For example, we continue to find new IT specialists for the Finnish startup - Appflollow, GameDev companies such as Banzai Games, tech company Avito, as well for as several other startups.

Corporate Parties

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We've recently had a great time at a corporate party. This time we organized a joint evening on one of the St. Petersburg roofs, drank wine, danced, made photos, and, of course, draw conclusions of our work.
The corporate was organized by our wonderful Tanya and Julia. We are very grateful to our boss and her Personal Assistant for making our routine evenings fulfilling and varied :)
Sharing with you exclusive photos from the party!


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Over the past few months, some significant changes have taken place within the team: a cool and experienced IT recruiter Alina has joined our team. Thus, Lucky Hunter can hardly be called a "miniature" agency, our team already has 13 specialists, and we are sure that this is far from the limit.
Staff expansion isn't the only news at Lucky Hunter. A few days ago we celebrated our anniversary: our wonderful IT recruiter Valeria has been working at Lucky Hunter for two years. We hope that we will continue to conquer the peaks and achieve the impossible together!


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We achieve success not only in recruiting, but also try to diversify our content by making a variety of videos. In the spring we managed to create a series of educational videos, as well as tell a little more about Lucky Hunter.

Today we are trying to implement new formats and specially for you have prepared short animated videos that will help you learn not only about Lucky Hunter but will also cheer you up:

Learn more about Lucky Hunter in our blog, and if you are searching for an IT specialist, welcome to our cozy agency :)
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