Which European countries are the most attractive for relocation among IT specialists and why?
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The TOP 3 European countries in demand among IT specialists

The high demand for IT specialists in the world market gives them excellent prospects for migration to anywhere in the world.

The issue is particularly topical for developers, since they are in the TOP 3 best specialists in the world according to HackerRank and, therefore have multiple job offers simultaneously.
In the TOP 3 most attractive countries for relocation among developers we've included Germany, the Netherlands and England.
European countries in demand among IT specialists. IT recruitment agency for recruiting technoloy specialists for companies hiring developers Lucky Hunter


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Germany is a country with a solid labor market and the strongest European economy. There are several reasons why developers want to move to this state:
Germany is in the top 10 countries offering the best conditions for professional migration. To get a Blue Card EU - residence permit for expat - you need:
  • have a higher education;
  • be older than 20 years;
  • have previous five years experience as an information technology (IT) specialist.
There is a significant shortage of IT specialists in Germany, so the Germans respond favorably towards the relocation of professionals from other countries.
Lucky Hunter note:
Berlin is one of the most attractive cities for relocation in Germany, as there is an acute shortage of IT specialists in this high-tech and rapidly developing metropolis. A great number of requests for IT specialists selection come from Berlin companies.
German companies offer a fairly high salary. The salary can reach 40 thousand dollars a year for young professionals and 70 thousand for Senior-level developers according to bmi.bund.de.
An important reason for choosing Germany is also the optional knowledge of German. In many cases it's enough for the expat to speak English. Although a developer with knowledge of German will find the desired job easier and faster.

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is also a welcome destination. The reasons are similar:
  • the country keeps pace with the most developed European countries;
  • offers a high income;
  • Dutch companies post a large number of new IT jobs on a regular basis.
Knowledge of Dutch is also not necessary to move to the Netherlands. It is often enough to know English (Intermediate level).
To obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands, you need:
to be a certified specialist; to find a company willing to provide work; to receive a salary not lower than the established norm.


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This country is considered to be one of the most attractive for relocation countries because of the high standard of living, decent income, job openings.

However, getting a job there and subsequently moving is not as easy as in other European countries.The host company must have a certificate of sponsorship for employment of expats. It is also necessary to pass the IELTS exam.
England is also attractive because you can learn the "right" English in the country, as well as work on the most high-tech projects in the world.
Lucky Hunter note
European island countries are also attractive for developers. Many guys relocate to Cyprus, for example. In the case of an IT specialist placement in a blockchain startup, there is a high chance that the host company will be a company from Malta.
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