HR training: its goals and benefits for companies

HR training is a fairly popular service of recruiting agencies. It is designed to improve professional skill level of HR specialists. HR training helps to improve the work of HR departments and eventually increases the efficiency of any business processes of the company.
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The goal of the analytics is to provide an organization with the data that identify the key problems in the work of the company, as well as contribute to the construction of an optimal business strategy.
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By means of HR training, experts in Human Resource gain knowledge and learn to apply it practically. Depending from the aims pursued by the customer of the service, experts determine the methods and strategies of training.

HR specialists can obtain inherent knowledge in two main areas: IT recruiting and HR.

Specialists will get wise to:

  • Understand the specifics of IT
    The IT industry has its own laws and rules. Knowing these laws, recruiters will no longer make mistakes when selecting staff.
  • Accurately designate the profile of the required candidates
    80% of unfilled job openings are connected to the fact that recruiters don't understand what kind of specialist is required and are searching for irrelevant candidates.
  • Conduct tech interviews with candidates
    Future IT recruiters will learn to prepare for an interview properly, understand the features of searching and selecting IT specialists and speak the same language with candidates.
  • Identify which candidate's priorities are primary and which are secondary
    After training IT recruiters understand how to attract tech talent to the company and what advantages to point out in order to motivate a candidate to accept a job offer.
  • "Read" a CV correctly
    IT professionals are not used to writing CVs by the rules. Therefore, in IT recruiting it is important to be able to read the CV "between the lines" and draw the right conclusions about the specialist. Otherwise, there is a risk to miss a worthy candidate.
  • Build an employer's brand
    It is not necessary to be a big-name IT company to attract by brand. Even small organizations can use this weapon to "lure" candidates by name.
Professional IT recruiting training will allow you to select staff more accurately, minimize employee turnover and bring candidate replacement cases close to zero.
HR training includes practical training in organizing the work of personnel within the company.

Specialists will get wise to:

  • Motivate and inspire staff skilfully
    The right combination of financial and non-financial motivation will several times increase the quality of employees' work and make them stay with the company for a long time.
  • Determine the fair level of employees' salary
    The ability to explore the market and correctly assess the skill level of candidates - the knowledge you need to identify the right salary.
  • Keep up to speed with the latest HR trends and implement them in your work
    New methods and technologies constantly appear in the HR sphere. It's not enough just to familiarize yourself with them, you need to implement them in your work and keep up with the times.
  • Build a company culture
    Corporate culture is the company's image. If you use this powerful weapon correctly, you can increase employee loyalty, involve personnel in achieving the business goals of the company, motivate for the high-quality realization of tasks and work toward a result.
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Benefits of HR training

  • 1
    Professional training of IT recruiters increases the efficiency of the company's business processes.
  • 2
    More accurate IT selection makes the company's technological processes several times faster.
  • 3
    The competent organization of HR processes increases the brand recognition and encourages candidates to find a situation.
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Lucky Hunter training

The Lucky Hunter team holds training according to a unique technique and knows how to make the work of the HR department as efficient as possible.
CASE: Lucky Hunter company has helped the customer to improve the work of the HR department. In-house recruiters didn't know how to recruit IT specialists, that's why the company had a great number of unfilled job openings. Candidates didn't accept offers. This seriously thwarted the company's progress.

We've held personnel training, talked about the specifics of the IT industry, taught HR specialists to conduct technical interviews by providing real candidates. The training lasted one month.

RESULT: the company's recruiters have filled all job openings within the shortest possible time.
The founder of the agency, Tatiana Melnichuk, knows twists and turns of IT staffing IT. She's educated all her employees for a profession in the shortest time possible. In two months' time, the Lucky Hunter recruiters have shown the first results, and after six months they've become professionals in the field of IT recruitment. Business rivals are constantly trying to lure Lucky Hunter IT recruiters. Equally important, no one even thinks about the job change.
If you feel that the skill level of your employees ranks below the average or you want to gain practical knowledge of the HR sphere to improve the company's business processes, contact Lucky Hunter. We will be glad to help you!
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