why are the tech recruiting services expensive?

At first glance, it may seem that IT recruiting is a fairly simple and budgetary service. Popular online universities promise to educate for the profession in just a few months. They also guarantee that you'll need only a laptop and a phone for work.

It turns out that entering the profession is quite simple: no specific hard skills are required, and the financial costs seem to be very small.

In fact, it's not the case at all. We at Lucky Hunter often tell you: IT recruiting is one of the most difficult services on the market, and therefore one of the most expensive ones.

How does the cost of recruiting services form? Is it possible to fill a vacancy using the help of outsourced IT recruiting teams at a low price? Let's go into the matter in the article.
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IT recruiting:
Market specifics

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To begin with, the tech market is the candidate's market. IT specialists aren't on an active job search, they receive dozens of job offers every day while IT companies are jockeying for every worthy candidate.

In conditions of such "hunger games," it's very important to know how to motivate a specialist to consider your job opening and, as a result, join your team.
The ability to highlight the vacancy and an understanding of how to motivate specialists so that they consider exactly your offer is a rare quality, and it often takes years to master it.
In addition, the pandemic has brought its own changes to the IT industry: more and more candidates refuse to consider new offers, and even if they agree to consider it, then, most likely, they'll receive a counteroffer from the current employer, and in 95% of cases accept it.
This specificity of the IT-sphere makes the IT recruiting service one of the most difficult on the market. The complexity of IT recruiting is also determined by the specifics of the service itself.
IT recruitng specifics
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The IT market is so constructed that IT recruiting companies bear a large number of risks. For example, at any time, the company can put the search for new employees on hold, and, according to the contract, such a decision won't be followed by any "sanctions".

Moreover, companies don't make an advanced payment: clients pay for the service only after the candidate starts working. It turns out that all the company risks is the need to pay for the successful vacancy filling.
And even if the employee has not passed the probationary period, recruiting companies undertake to find another specialist for free.
At Lucky Hunter, we treat replacements in two ways: on the one hand, free candidate replacement is a logical guarantee, but on the other hand, it's not always justified.

Why is the replacement not always appropriate?

Firstly, we can't influence the adaptation processes of new employees in the company.
Secondly, the final decision on hiring a certain specialist is made by the company, not the agency.
Thirdly, in conditions of a bitter struggle for candidates, there is always a risk that a specialist will be lured by another company, and it's important to know how to retain employees by offering better working conditions.
Therefore, in 99% of cases, providing a guaranteed replacement of a specialist, we understand that this is not our fault.
Such complex, high-risk conditions of cooperation are a pretty good reason to consider the service truly one of the most difficult on the market, and, accordingly, pay for it in accordance with the level of risk.
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Lucky Hunter's credo is as follows: every client is, first of all, our partner. For us, the partnership is not only a story about transparent cooperation and a comfortable atmosphere.
As partners, we conduct analytics, if required (although this is a separate service), orientate the client on the market, help with the candidate's profile, don't leave clients out in the cold, helping to cope with any situations, give advice and recommendations on hiring.
Choosing the way of cooperation, we also choose the direction of our work: we work only with those clients who appreciate our work, are like-minded and understand how prices are formed in the IT-recruiting market.

In return, companies get a reliable partner for many years and can be 100% confident that we'll definitely fill the position since we take on only those vacancies we know for sure we fill.

Access to
IT recruiting services

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As we wrote at the beginning of the article, it may seem that IT recruiting doesn't require serious financial costs. In reality, we spend tens of thousands of dollars annually to get access to various recruiting services.
We understand that not every agency buys access to services, as it's not obligatory, but in this case, agencies run the risk of losing worthy candidates, providing the client with a not entirely relevant pool of candidates.
As an exclusive IT recruiting agency, we provide a service at the highest level, which means we use all existing recruiting services. Thus, we provide the most suitable candidates, finding them not only in the Russian market but also throughout the world.

Lucky Hunter

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We at Lucky Hunter proved our exclusivity many years ago, successfully filling the rarest positions on the market, working all over the world and using all existing IT recruiting channels.
Lucky Hunter specialists are not only experienced IT recruiters who know the specifics of the market and speak several languages. Lucky Hunter IT recruiters are true professionals in the field.
Thus, knowing all the features of the industry and services, we can confidently assert that IT recruiting is an exclusive service in the IT market. The work we do every day can't be cheap. This is painstaking work that the IT community appreciates.

And if you are looking for an IT specialist, contact us :) We guarantee that we'll fill the most difficult positions. Moreover, we are glad to offer discounts to promising startups!
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