Solution Architect (Core Payments) (Archive)

Remote (Not for Russia, Full-time).
SALARY: is discussed individually.

This company is a fintech startup based in Berlin in 2020. The company originally established itself as a comprehensive SME finance and administrative automation solution, initially catering to small and medium-sized enterprises. However, their trajectory has evolved and transitioned into an API-first enterprise.

Their primary goal is empowering entities with substantial business audiences, enabling them to seamlessly integrate value-added financial services within their interfaces. This shift propels them into a burgeoning industry poised to rival the scale of Embedded Finance, with a resolute emphasis on delivering finance automation services. The company is funded by international investors. Currently, the product has already acquired 15 clients and is generating profits.

The product consists of three main components:
  • Software that enables offering Invoicing or Bill Pay through an API and then integrating them for business clients.
  • Payment system (This company aggregates providers and manages payments, allowing users to make payments through different systems using a single API).
  • Financial services will be available in 2023 to create an optimal user experience. Small businesses can utilize services directly in their neobanks or, for example, in restaurant software.

The company has an international team comprising around 50 employees, with 25% being technical specialists. The team members work from Germany, England, Nigeria, Georgia, and Armenia.

We are searching for an experienced Software Engineer with a proven track record of successfully delivering projects within the payments realm of industries such as fintech, ticketing systems, stock exchanges, and gambling. The company is interested in candidates who have demonstrated their expertise in developing core banking systems, payment gateways, card processing solutions, booking systems, stock exchange platforms, insurance pay-in/pay-out systems, or similar products dealing with substantial volumes of financial transactions.

They focus on your capabilities rather than specific technology stacks or programming languages. While proficiency in Python would be a significant advantage, it is not an obligatory criterion.

  • The ideal candidate will have extensive experience designing intricate backend systems, showcasing a deep comprehension of backend software architecture concepts, API design, and event-driven backend architecture. A strong background in finance and transactional businesses is also a vital requirement for this role.
  • You will be crucial in planning, controlling, and executing the implementation of payments vertical in the company, operating in the EU, US, and Africa.

Tech Stack: Python 3.9+ (FastAPI), PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Redis, GitLab-CI. Project management and knowledge: JIRA/Confluence and Notion.

This role is perfectly suited for you if:
  • You have a track record of constructing sophisticated payment-related and highly transactional systems, such as core banking platforms, card payment processing engines, stock exchange systems, and ticketing solutions.
  • You possess a considerable amount of hands-on experience as a Backend Software Engineer.
  • You are well-acquainted with contemporary DevOps principles. While not necessarily a DevOps engineer yourself, you should be able to comprehend discussions held by our DevOps team.
  • You come equipped with expertise in developing micro-service architectures.
  • You are open to receiving feedback, both to learn from others and to share your own insights. Company supportive culture fosters growth for all. You will be empowered to make a difference and inspire others in turn.
  • Good knowledge of English – both written and spoken.

The company offers:
  • Employment on a B2B contract with its European office.
  • The salary is in EUR, based on your preferences and competencies.
  • Furthermore, the company offers a remote work arrangement that enables employees to work from anywhere worldwide within the European time zones.
  • The company also can help with a visa if you live or want to live in the EU. They provide work equipment, English language courses, paid vacation, and compensation for visits to WeWork co-working spaces.