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"Everyone can start their own business"
    As a part of our series about strong women leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tatiana Melnichuk.
    Is it Easy to be a Woman in The Tech World?
      By Tatiana Melnichuk
      How to Build a Remote Development Team?
        Have you been planning to build a remote IT team, but not sure where to start from? The current situation and the pandemic impact on the world is not helping, right? The good news is that despite the circumstances, hiring people for remote work in the IT sector is not something new. In fact, this type of employment has already been used by most large IT companies for a long time.
        Why You Should be Considering Russian-Speaking Tech Specialists
          The sphere of information technology is the world's most rapidly growing. Almost every company needs IT specialists. The demand for developers is so high, that employers are actively competing for IT specialists. Since a great number of high-tech companies and startups are focused in Europe, the shortage of IT specialists is particularly acute in this region.

          The Top 5 Reasons Why Leading Specialists Don't Go to Your Company

            Recruiting a high-level specialist is not an easy task even for prestigious companies.
            Can Russian-speaking it specialists solve the it skills shortfall?
              How do you successfully recruit a team of Russian-speaking IT specialists for a European company? Tatiana Melnichuk explains.
              How to motivate a tech professional to accept your offer? 7 effective ways
                Every company's faced the challenge of recruiting specialists. Even giants like Facebook and Google can't fill all positions. Visit Google or Facebook Careers and see for yourself. Too many job openings, but too few candidates. A good salary, a fashionable office, a corporate Macbook — you seem to offer the best conditions, but developers still don't choose you. What's to be done? Telling you about seven main lures of developers, for which they are ready to accept your offer.
                How to Start Your Own IT Recruitment Agency?
                  Do you build extensive plans? Do you want to start your own business, but don't want to retry an experiment of many startups that "died" within the first five years? Indeed, the market today faces hard times. Even in high-end spheres such as IT, the risk of failure is quite high. And, nevertheless, if you are a fan of technology and you have an excellent set of soft skills, then IT recruiting can become a profitable and exciting business format for you.