How to work as an IT recruiter in the new reality?

Another new reality throws into question not only our plans, but also undermines the feeling of security and stability. In this blog post, we will not talk about politics, express our position and make a fuss (at least within the working framework).

We decided to prepare material for all specialists who do a common business with us - hire tech professionals for companies. In this article, we will tell you how to continue doing your job, look for candidates and communicate with them, if everything around you is changing so rapidly.

What has changed?

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First of all, some foreign IT companies have left the Russian market and temporarily stopped hiring Russian-speaking IT specialists.

So, for example, some European and American IT companies have temporarily put cooperation with Lucky Hunter on hold, refusing to hire Russian-speaking specialists, and in some cases completely closed their offices in Russia.

This applies only to some IT companies, most of our clients continue to work as usual, still considering candidates regardless of their nationality, gender or skin color.
By the way, IT-sphere has always been renowned for this particular feature. It doesn't matter who a person is, first of all hiring managers look at a specialist's hard skills and abilities, and secondly, at their soft skills. Ususally there are no other rules, and we believe that such a policy will continue in the future.
There have also been some changes on the part of the candidates. Now more than ever, the risk of receiving negative emails from candidates, especially those who are now located in unsafe regions, is high.
This is quite understandable: fear, pain, worry for the future and the family and even the whole country are victorious overthe situation, but still, we want to believe that over time society will understand that certain groups of people have nothing to do with what is happening in the world, and moreover feel empathy everyone who was affected by this story.

How to communicate with candidates?

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Our practice has shown that every day the number of sharp, politicized messages only increases, and more and more candidates refuse to consider offers from a company that is located in Russia.

It seems to us that it is worth reacting in the way that you can. You can not respond to such emails, or, conversely, express emathy and try to cheer up the person, after all, any emotions are norma and easy-to-understand. You can even enter into a political discussion, but, alas, this option most likely will not bring anything positive, except for even more stress and worries.

Personally, we at Lucky Hunter try not to respond to such emails, continue to look for other candidates, offer vacancies, helping those who can, leave the country or at least find a stable income.
Now it is important to understand that in the nearest future the situation is unlikely to get better and easier, you need to try to continue doing your job, help whom you can and try to do your best to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Try not to fall for acts of provocation, maintain the most tactful conversation with others. We understand that it is very difficult to remain neutral now, but remember that not everything is lost: many IT companies from Russia continue to hire new employees, actively expanding their staff, people continue to work and do all they can for the good of the community. And we recommend doing the same: keep doing what you can, drown yourself in the routine and do not give way to bad thoughts.

Recruiting is a service in which a lot is centered around communications. Use this feature: communicate with people, support them, have an active social life, pull away from the world. It helps us.
As they say, do what you ought to, come what may. Your Lucky Hunter team.
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